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After a while I must say... I LOVE this case. I could kill someone with this buddy. Incredible design and beautiful.
The Heaven (kind of blue-green) is great paired with the SP SA HyperFuse. Colors match quite well.
Well that was lame. Bought a 60% with a new set of $120 keycaps just for this case.
I honestly wont be ordering anything from Revo again, the last drop came missing essential items and now he cant even fulfil the second round when given 4 months to do so, pathetic.
What the hell, MD. I don't appreciate the email I got about this drop this morning. What is it with you guys and not being able to communicate with Revo properly, huh?
The drop Is a month behind now, surely were due another update given it’s been a month since the last.
What is the status of this order?
Does anyone who has the rubber feet know if they are the same size or are they different size? I also need the screws if anyone knows the screw size or where to get them. I have the case with nothing else.
If anyone wants to sell their pink one leme know! I'd love to buy it
Its now been a month since CNY surely there should be an update soon?
I just canceled this weekend. They said its still on backorder and they havent heard from the vendor since the last update.
Has anyone received it yet?
if anyone is willing to sell me their cyan one, lemme know!
hit me up. I'm selling mine here:
Any updates on this?
So... is this drop actually happening? I'm still giving it the benefit of the doubt... where are our updates?
Anyone know where to get compatible feet? Md/Revo, if you can't provide the screws/feet, at least let us know where we could get the right ones!
Just Google "3m self stick cork pads" and select the appropriate size. You can get rubber or silicone pads if you want but I prefer cork, especially for an elegant color like white.
Shame this feet/screw thing has to taint an otherwise awesome product (well the two side screws are a tight fit... and the shorting out some boards without using electrical tape) BUT I still absolutely love the two boards I have using these cases.
Was this the fault of Massdrop or the fault of Revo? I'm interested in some of the future Revo projects but this kind of hiccup makes me wary.
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Can you elaborate more on the shorting of boards, I'm quite interested in this case despite the issues people have listed here. Something about the aesthetics is drawing me in.
My blue case with a GH60 Satan is fine. In the white one with a rev. C GH60 I get shorts, the 2 key, Q W S and Z all refuse to register keypresses. I figured out tightening the top left screw between tab and Q was causing all of these to fire at once. Can't really leave that screw undone since it's crucial for support and steadiness. I could also replicate the problem pushing up on the usb port in the case. So, either the case is causing an electrical short on the left screwhole, or the tightening there is warping the usb connector to push harder against the case passthrough for it and causing a short there. I put tape over the screw hole and over the lip where the usb port rests and the keyboard works perfectly fine now.
Trying out a zeal60 had no issues. RGB Pok3r had issues with lighting modes not behaving properly on M through / keys, probably because the thickness of the two pcbs was causing another short on one of the lower right screws, but I like the pok3r better in a wood case so didn't bother seeing if tape would work there.

gmk + box yellows + carbon fiber plate in my blue case is absolute typing... heaven?