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Revo One Aluminum 60% Mechanical Keyboard Case

Revo One Aluminum 60% Mechanical Keyboard Case

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Anyone want to sell the Pink one? Thanks
anyone wants to sell the green one? looking for a good condition.
EDIT: They refunded me, what a joke.
So my replacement keyboard just arrived and its the same Dark Blue rather than the advertised Light blue as before. On top of that its both scratched and dented, it also has some blemishing on the bottom.


So I just received a refund for both of these without any sort of note or email or anything.
Should I assume the entire drop is just being canceled?
Nope I got mine refunded, some people got them, others got refunds, asked support if they’d run this again given it’s been such a shit show everytime this has been run, they said probably not, so Ive now got PCBs and switches for a case I cannot use. Looks like I’ll have to get Klippe and a Fjell, Revo are a joke, pathetic.
Now I own Heaven and Earth both perfect and with no imperfections. I think there may have been issues in the past but in my opinion those cases are a must. Hefty as hell and super beautiful. Recommended.
Just received mine... Is this a joke? This is not light blue. Comparison with SA abyss which it should almost match.
EDIT: No response from support yet. I ordered a lot of stuff to match the advertised color, a refund ain't gonna cut it, I hope they have extras in the correct color. Did anyone else order blue and get this issue? EDIT2: Support has responded and is sending me a replacement, still not sure how I received a color they don't even sell?
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My blue is near green...
Is there a chance you could send me a picture? They are giving me a replacement and I want to get an idea of what its gonna be like, from what I've seen else where it should be a teal blue color, but who knows if they have changed the paint mix since then.
Plus its in Pristine condition, screws and rubber feet included ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! 
Anybody else got a very early shipping for this? Thought it would ship end of July, now 2 months early. I hope it is not one of the faulty returns...
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Just received mine, it's in pristine condition, screws and rubber feet included !
Mine is fine except one screw hole is filled with some metal stuff.
:-( So QA is still not that great. None off my cheap china cases has any kind of these issues. Lets see what the support will do.
That white looks so good! I wish more aluminum cases came in white. :)
I'm giving you guys one more chance on this. If i receive a fukken refund after no updates for multiple weeks after it wss supposed to be done like last time, I'm gonna flip my shit. All i want is a white case.
Here’s an example of a completed kit. Other users are correct. This kit has loads of issues so caveat emptor.

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What SA keys are those? Super nice. Please let us know.
why is md running this drop again without mentioning if the past issues have been addressed? i’m super tempted by the colour options but i don’t wanna be giving interest free loans :p
Would an IGK64 (GK64) fit in there?
It's a 60% so yes.
Maybe. My Gk64 didn't fit in the Revo case because the hotswap plates didn't let the pcb sit flush near the space bar. Huge gap due to it. Not familiar with the iGK64 layout though.
The drop itself was a little disappointing. I got mine in the first drop last year, it was delayed, didn't even come with screws or feet . I understand things going late, especially for MK stuff. But missing parts suck, albeit MD gave people a credit for the missing parts. I was charged $40CAD for duties upon delivery (DHL delivered to Canada), making this guy cost a total of $260CAD/$205USD.
Note: This is currently the 3rd drop, a 2nd drop happened earlier and that completely tanked.
The case itself was sadly also a little disappointing from a quality control point. The QC was abysmal for this, people either got flawless cases, or damaged cases. I had light chips, and scratches on mine nothing huge but still worth mentioning. The screw holes are poorly machined, I was screwing it in properly but the screw hole was tight and catchy in certain spots. Felt like I was cross threading every damn screw. There were some fitment issues with my Zeal60 (Tested a Satan60 as well - same issues) as some screw holes barely aligned with either PCB.
It's a shame because I really like the case now that I have been using it. Aesthetically very pleasing. The coating that they use makes it feel like a smooth ceramic and not paint. After being built, my keyboard weighs a hefty ~3.5lbs. Even with all the imperfections the case is still awesome.
I expected some higher attention to quality on something that costs this much. I don't see myself selling this anytime soon, but I wouldn't buy it again knowing the same issues aren't fixed.
Same. Mine came with a few defects, then they shipped me a replacement with more defects. Had to keep my first because I want this for my endgame. Currently thinking of cerakoting my case to hide the defects, or just spray paint the thing.
Cerakoting would be the best option, that's just hella expensive though. I think the cheapest option, compared to cerkote, that would result in a high quality finish would be powder coating.
I like the "thiccc coating" feel a lot more than the "trojan sensations thin spray paint" feel. Even a high quality automotive finish still doesn't feel as durable as a coating.
Lol more expensive than just buying a poker keyboard straight up. It cant even work with rgb underglow nice bait for 160.
you do realize this is like a giant thick ass cnc aluminum case right
'tis f'ugly. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
This is why I just bought the KBDFans 5° case. What a joke.
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Have both. Can confirm degree's quality and appearance are way better. Not to mention only half of the price tag
GMK and taihao are really not the case here
The 5 degrees's case is really top notch.
I'll be honest, I can't see how this could possibly be worth $150 let alone $200.
Did anybody put a PCB with USB C in this case? Any trouble?
This looks very nice, but checking out Revo brought up some disturbing past GBs: At least going through MD should take care of the refunds. :-/
Just plan on that refund in 4 months.
So far I had no bad luck with GBs. Sure it is annoying to get one canceled, but at least getting back the money would be nice. Looks like the other GB with Revo some people where not so lucky.
MD needs to build up "some" trust again. :)
This is a bit odd. There were multiple complaints about damaged cases, lack of screws and bump ons, yet this is being ran again.
I joined last time. Revo had like 4 months to make 20 cases and the drop was cancelled. Why would they drop this again if they havent been able to deliver the actual product twice.
Instant buy if it would come in dark grey or black.
After a while I must say... I LOVE this case. I could kill someone with this buddy. Incredible design and beautiful. The Heaven (kind of blue-green) is great paired with the SP SA HyperFuse. Colors match quite well.
Well that was lame. Bought a 60% with a new set of $120 keycaps just for this case.
I honestly wont be ordering anything from Revo again, the last drop came missing essential items and now he cant even fulfil the second round when given 4 months to do so, pathetic.
What the hell, MD. I don't appreciate the email I got about this drop this morning. What is it with you guys and not being able to communicate with Revo properly, huh?
The drop Is a month behind now, surely were due another update given it’s been a month since the last.