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Haters gonna hate. Of course it is the "same Watch" as the Grovana, except for some details. Grovana is licensed to produce the Revue thommen trademark watches, and the same design is used for these divers, except there are some models that carry the Revue Thommen name that have other colour combinations than the Grovana ones do. Except from that I would expect these divers to be the same. However, I prefer the brand REVUE THOMMEN because of its history, slightly different models and because the prices Are basically the same. Also Massdrop allows me to easily pay my VAT on importation because of Professional parcel handling, whereas many other companies systematically try to avoid customs as a service to their customers, sometimes just ending up with extra paperwork for me to get the Watch through customs. This is a good Buy, and a solid modell. I owned one before, and Grovana produce great Quality watches whether the brand is RT or Grovana.
it's just a cheap look a like of an Omega Seamaster .. Nothing special
The blue dial is sold out. Is there a way to buy it nevertheless?
Seems like a decent price for an ETA 2824, no?
Yup. It's a great watch!
$2400? who MADE UP that price? The average price I have seen them varies from a reasonable £400 to a ludicrous chancers listing price of £700, a vast difference to the $2.4k here. I guess listing a watch thats priced little more than the massdrop offer doesn't seem such a bargain does it..... (naughty naughty OP) Regardless, I'd much rather have a seiko pepsi or sxk007 and £200+ in my back pocket or both a sxk009 & sxk007 and no £200
I was thinking that too. The MSRP of over $2000 is nuts. This is a watch worth $200-$300.
Very happy to purchase a two-tone blue and yellow gold diver to match my black one!

I received mine today. I opted for the 2155 model and am so glad I did. A very classy looking watch-very understated style which I thoroughly enjoy. Looking forward to how it performs in the future- looks great on the wrist.
any pictures? not too many about for that model. thanks.
Shooteur will see what I can do to help. Not my forte but will give it a go. Thanks for your interest
to these watches will fit the size of the ceramic bezel from the steinhart ocean one?
Get the Grovana $339 at Jomashop. Same watch
On Jomashop Grovana diver is not actually available and it will be unknown whether or not. So works Jomashop - exposes the watch which they do not have. I tried to buy from them.
Amazon has the same price with 2 year warranty from Asurion and also Prime
Doesn't watches like this usually come with a long good warranty?
Body they are just as scratching like a Steinhart ocean? Or more resistant to scratches?
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Thank you !
happy to share. i do love this watch. at $399 it's a no brainer.
this is the exact same watch as the Grovana diver version, which i have. i actually purchased mine 4 months or so ago at the same price as here, which is a good price for this amazing watch. (NOTE: PICTURE OF MY WATCH IS BELOW)
they often list for a lot more, but are available depending on the color on ebay or jomashop for somewhere at, near, or slightly below this price.
having confirmed here that this is the exact...i mean exact...same watch as the Grovana, i will proceed to rave a bit for those wondering about purchase.
i am a diver auto nut, and this has been one of my best purchases both for the legitimacy of true diver specs and quality, but the insane price (msrp of about $1000 is easily a decent deal too...but discounts are the name of the game).
i took mine off the bracelet as i always do, and put it on a 3piece leather military bund strap, where it looks superb (mediocre cellphone pic below). however, the bracelet is handsome and great quality, as is the watch.
the lume is not bad, but could be a bit better. it's not up to seiko levels, but not like vostock russian divers. you can indeed see it in the dark. but that would be the only knock i can think of. if there was anything else to mention that might give pause, it could be the bezel...while excellent, perfectly lined up and superbly operating, it is a 60 clicker. in fact, i love 120s, but this bezel is so enjoyable to use i've let go of my bias. however, out of the box you might wish to use the bezel with very dry and very NON oily hands. after a bit of break-in the bezel will operate a bit more easily to allow you a bit more latitude.
as for the looks, while not being a total ripoff homage to rolex, it is classically in the range of submariner design that has been used by many brands since the 60s. this does however have its own direction, such as squared off tips to the lugs. the bezel does lie very flat to the case, reminiscent in looks at a glance to early rolex GMT's. everything is super well done, looks great without looking like a runaway knockoff (like invictas, et al). the specs are to 300m, which covers ACTUAL diving. if i had one wish it would have been for the crystal to be raised or domed, but certainly not a deal breaker.
all in all this is a worthy piece. not sure if it's been regulated but the time keeping is more accurate than many other eta 2824s or sellita's i've gotten. i'd say one couldn't go wrong with this piece, and i enjoy wearing mine, which says 'Grovana' but is otherwise the same. i have the red bezel which is tops in my book.
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What is this watches RBI? I have a feeling big league for you and for me are not the same thing?
hi, do not know what you mean by RBI...i know the baseball term but not sure if you are applying it here to mean runs batted major big league positives? is that what you mean?
nice bund, doesnt it make it feel bigger on your wrist tho?
hi...thanks. in fact it is much lighter on my wrist on the bund strap, but it has a slightly bigger and more milsub presence, which is very cool. but the steel band is also wonderful, i just prefer the bund straps.
Revue Thommen XL Diver and Grovana diver are the same clock only different name?
I believe Grovana up until recently was licensed to make Revue Thommen watches.
yes. i have the grovana. this is quite a good deal. it's a great watch.
Apologies for the earlier confusion, everyone. We had to take the drop down to correct some imagery but it is back up now.
Was cheaper on jomashop and gemnatiom last week for 4th of July sales. I realize that those were deals for special occasions, but joma had this for $330 and gemnation for $360. If anyone is willing to wait for the next holiday sale at those places, you can potentially save a decent chunk of cash versus buying here.
I've confirmed that they're going to cancel the existing orders for those who joined the drop before it closed, and they'll re-open it in a few days will corrected imagery!
The drop is already reopened, don't miss it!
Would have been nice if the email Massdrop sent this morning had said “act fast , limited quantities”. Went inactive less than 2 hours after reading the email.
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Thank you. I hope so.👍
Got confirmation of this - it'll be back up soon.
As I understand the numbers .2145 /2147 are blue/black dial 2-tone Yellow gold bracelet. .2155/2157 are blue/black dial 2-tone Rose gold bracelet.
Hey all, we messed up the imagery here; we're going to end this drop and relaunch it immediately once we get that fixed.
Apologies for the confusion here.
What about the people who joined the drop already? Are the orders cancelled or are they actually processed?
I'm currently working with our logistics team on this and will update you as soon as we reach a resolution.
Is this the same case as Steinhart's Ocean One? Particularly, I'm wondering about the L2L on it. Anyone know the lug to lug?
22m is the Ocean one, and they look really really similar, and knowing how incestuous Swiss watch making is, wouldn't surprise me they all have the same case, just cosmetic differences to differentiate the micro brands.
Wish it had a rubber strap option.
The listing just isn't showing the green bezel (17571.2134) or the black bezel (17571.2137), the red and the blue are shown.
Ugh, do we really need yet ANOTHER Sub homage? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz...
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Yeah, it's the bigger one. I have about a 7 3/4 " wrist, so it looks pretty good size-wise.
Yes, pretty much about 90% of my collection are divers.
Got confused about the model # on the photo‘s and on the selection!

Where’s 17571.2145?
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Currently wearing it! Impeccable fit and finish and decent packaging compared to a Glycine, and the fact that it's 42mm for a Submariner homage is fantastic. I can't think of anything I'd recommend more for the money, truly. I have a Glycine Combat Sub 48mm, and the RT XL Diver seems like a tier above at roughly the same price.
No cheeky yellow gold/blue two tone homage. Rose gold only.
How come you don't have pictures for all the available models?
And you have a picture of the 17571.2145 and are selling the 17571.2155 - is there a difference? I want the blue one listed.
These were on Amazon up until today being sold by PerfectTime. The Black and Gold was $579.00 shipped. As of this evening, all the XL Divers have dropped off. Gemnation has the Black and Gold on Chrono24 for $550.00 plus $29.00 shipping, Blue&Gold for $580.00 plus $29.00 and the stainless at $420/430.00 plus $29.00.
I like the looks but never heard of this brand. Can’t seems to find one anywhere else.
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Lol yeah I did actually.
Well I missed the point.... Got my geek all rallied up ;)
I know it's a little OT, but talking of Submariner homage options, I bought a Tisell, blue bezel, blue dial, and I'm very happy with it. Everything about it, size, sapphire crystal, Miyota movement, steel bracelet, feels just right. 40mm is neither too big nor too small. I ordered online from their Czech website and paid list price. I just thought that is a good option if you're considering this drop.

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It's one of the Truths Which Everyone Knows.
First, creating a high-beat mechanical watch movement with sufficient precision to achieve high enough accuracy that they can be routinely submitted to COSC for their chronometer certification is no simple feat, with as much marketing hype as the COSC has and the cost it incurs, it's still an accuracy certification. The forces required from a mainspring on the regulating portion of a watch to drive it at 28.8kbph are substantially higher compared to 21.6kbph or 18kbph, and achieving isochronism at that rate is difficult. It's why there are not that many 28.8kbph movement caliber families, and only a very few 36kbph movement calibers, the latter in extremely low volume numbers, and they're basically hand built, or rebuilt from a 28.8kbph ebauche. ETA mastered the Black Art of designing and manufacturing precision high-beat 28.8kbph movements with exceptional reliability and durability in very high volumes in the early 1970's. They've been doing it ever since, and they're noted for high precision that enables regulating them to high accuracy. That kind of track record and pedigree is worth everything in the realm of designing and manufacturing mechanical watch movements.
The Miyota 9000 family is a significant step up for Miyota in mechanical movements, and their first movement development since creating their dirt cheap 8000 family in the early 1970's. It was created by Miyota as the industry vacuum for high beat 28.8kbph hand-wind and hacking movements started forming with ETA (part of the Swatch Group) drawing down on sales of its movements to other companies outside of the Swatch Group. ETA had been propping up the mechanical watch industry globally with high-beat movements for decades, including many finding their way by various resale paths into high end fakes coming out of China. The typical path? Company XYZ legitimately using 2824 family movements orders 500 of them to leverage on volume pricing when they only need 300. The other 200 are sold off as a commodity at cost to anyone coming to the table with the cash to buy them. The Chinese fake makers beat a path to their door to get the legitimate watch company's excess. The source of them is virtually untraceable as movements are not serial numbered. The pressure was mounting on ETA from the Swiss watch industry to shut this off. The only means to do that was by shutting off supply to companies outside the Swiss Watch Federation (a Swiss industry group) and the Swatch Group.
The 2824 movement family, which has existed since 1971, just a few years shy of half a century, has withstood the test of time emerging arguably as the most robust and durable wristwatch movement design ever created. It's about the time Miyota created the 8000 family of cheap mid-beat. Those are reliable workhorses, but they're not high precision and as a consequence they're not noted for ability to sustain and maintain high accuracy. The aura surrounding the ETA 2824 isn't marketing hype. There's a reason the watch industry globally was beating a path to ETA's door for those movements. One can be assured, provided the watch case isn't compromised to contaminate the movement, and that it hasn't been unduly abused with repeatedly severe mechanical shock, there's high probability an ETA 2824 family movement will still be working reliably with good accuracy 40 years from now. Miyota cannot begin to make that claim yet with its 9000 family. They've not been on the street for a decade yet. If a movement is damaged, how well does Miyota support it with parts availability? Not a problem with the ETA 2824 family. With an ETA powered watch you've got a high degree of confidence it will be running with good accuracy four decades later, with zero maintenance, in spite of what ETA recommends, and if perhaps it does get damaged, there's confidence proper watchmaker can repair it and regulate it back to very accurate timekeeping.
When the high-beat Miyota 9000 family has been around to demonstrate its long-term durability and reliability for a couple of decades, along with a logistical support system that readily provides parts for them, perhaps it can stake a claim. It's much, much, much too new a movement. Can Miyota keep its quality control under control? I welcome the Miyota 9000's as finally some new mechanical watch movement development, but to claim they're on par with the ETA 2824 family is much too soon. Come back in 25 years and make a long-term reliability and durability claim.
Bottom Line: The ETA movements, and the Sellita clones (Sellita made movements for ETA under contract for decades), are proven workhorses with decades of high reliability and durability. The Miyota movements do not yet have that and won't have it for another 15 years or so. Buying a Miyota 9000 powered watch buys into the risk it won't prove to be as robust, durable or reliable over time as the ETA 2824 family have. That it beats at 28.8kbh, can be hand wound and hacks isn't enough. Will it still be running accurately forty years from now? Miyota cannot make that claim. ETA can.
Thanks. Interesting reply. In effect, we don't have _proof_ that the Miyota 9015 series movements (which are used in the Tisell I mentioned) will last 30 years. Maybe this is an important factor influencing some buyers. Not me. In 30 years, I expect to be either dead or so old that I won't care whether my Tisell works well or not.
By your logic, I guess you're uncertain of the provenance of the new breed of Omega movements too, which are showcased as "Master Chronometers", but use a new "co-axial" movement with low VPH?
On the Miyota vs ETA debate, I found this thread: