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Does the T20 required running in? Will handphone like Samsung S7 able to drive the T20?
yes it will, the T20 is easier to drive than their latest series the CL's
I've got to say I love mine! Sound quality is great (definitely one that sounded considerably better after about if daily use). Bass is very low and controlled and can thump when powered up.
Not as crisp and defined as some of my armature and driver phones, but one of the nicest overall sound signatures I've heard.
Build quality is rock solid, and I have no problem with the cabling a lot of other people have mentioned.
My only gripe would be that I wish they did removable cables, especially at this price.
Their ceramic cases ones do have a removable cables though, so maybe it will make its way down to this model eventually.
Couldn't be happier with them though and can highly recommend.
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Coupe you gibee the product Name of These multi Driver iem you picked up?
I got some klipsch xr8i
How does the T20's compare to the IE80's?
IE80s are better value.
Ie80's sound better they have a better sound stage. After listening to the ie80's the t20i sound lacking in comparison. The ie80's definitely provide better value. Tho the carrying case is a little useless.
I would not get these again. I have had them for less than a year and they have broken three times. How they designed the headphone jack causes it to get caught with enough leverage to break. They do sound good but they are not as durable as they say. The one bonus is that they will replace them for free if you ship them to there repair center but I can think of a lot of better headphones that you can get here for cheaper or the same amount that have removable cables. I can't wait to get my Nobles which will dominate these anyway. I can also attest to the fact that they tangle constantly. They need to make this model with detachable cables so you can replace them with something that isn't a complete piece of ....
I was a Shure user for around 12 years and the last pair I owned were the se846 and my T20i compare favorably to them they are truly giant slayers. They have great extension is the bass without mudding up the mids. The highs soar to some people it might be fatiguing but they are not for me. Imaging and soundstage is very good the sound stage has more depth and width than my se535. The soundstage is an out of the head experience and extends past your ears it also has height as well . Instruments have air and space between them and have a realness to them. They are very transparent even more so than my se846 were they simply disappear. They are pretty comfortable buy they do not go very deep into the canal and are vented so outside noise is present unlike any Shure I've used. They give you a nice selection of tips and I've found the comply foams (black olives) work best for me. I did have issue with my first set but RHA sent me a new set with no hassle.
I also have the SE846 and man, how can you compare these headphones? They are completely in different leagues. Only thing this RHA beats the Shure is the price (between those 2 models), RHA is 220$, Shure is 1.000$. Not even an RHA salesman or employee would favor these over 846s.
Actually you are incorrect everyone who has A/B'd them has found the RHA compares favorably with the se846. The mids and construction are better on the Shure but not 4x's better. You also get a vert expense case and kit with the se846 that I never used. Look at http://www.head-fi.org/u/181385/Koolpep write up.
I own the T20i and I will try to share my experience. I will talk about sound in a very basic way, also you can check web pages like head-fi for that, they got all what you need.
what bothers me about T20i:
- The wire is though and rugged, but the material it's made of( high friction rubber), so it like to stick and grab to things.
- the cable is not straight and its a bit hard to get it straight, because of the thick wire. So you get a rugged, strong wire but lose flexibilty.
- the wire is not dettachable since there is many do have this feature in the price rang.
- they are comfortable after a while of adjusting and trying different ways to bind the upper part of the wire. Maybe because of my ear shape YMMV.
Now after all that negative points, I will write about what I like.
- sound filters that actually work proven by brooko from head-fi
- lots of accessories: Silicon tips, few foam tips, carrying pouch, sound filters
- sound signature in general wich is warm and energetic. With the right amount of bass, clear mids, and detailed clean & clear highs. However, the highs was a bit harsh for me, as I usually like to hear my music loud. But I've changed my bad habit and have no problems, lowering the volume one time on my note5 will remove the harshness. For more details on sound and more professional analysing look at head-fi !
one more thing to add, the costumer service is really great. I had a problem with the jack an they've send me a new box with everything. where other companies may only send the headphones themselves alone in a plastic bag or any other cheap packaging.
I had a problem with my set and they sent me brand new everything as well.
I agree the t20i would have been a better drop.
I really like mine. But I prefer my MEE Audio Pinnacle P1. It is a similar design aesthetic, and has a similar sound signature.
However, it comes with both a headset cable and a silver audiophile cable in the box, and Shure's upcoming Lightning cable will it it as well.
For durability and excellent sound sound at a lower price, the Pinnacle P1 beats the excellent t20i for me.
Been using them for almost a year and a half and they still are my favourite earphones. I also wrote a (lenghty) review on them: http://www.soundphilereview.com/reviews/rha-t20i-review-210/ My advice is: buy these if you want comfortable, bassy (but not too much) and extremely detailed earphones. They are well worth the price.
I'm not about to invest in a host of durability issues.
Wish this drop was for the T20i model or had the option to choose between the two. Would've joined if they did
I have the T750i and T20i. Both are worth every penny. The T20i is amazing. I got mine a while back from Amazon warehouse for $120.
I had them too, they are solid but the nobles on here for $50 more are a league above these. Also had durability issues with the 750s. Went thru 2 RMAs
Are you referring to the

Massdrop x Noble X Universal IEMs

I've heard about durability issues w/ these iems
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I'm on my second pair and already my right side is falling apart but RHA has incredible customer service so get them replace (again) should not be an issue.
I also had issues with remote on my older MA750i pair. But they have great service, they changed the old pair with a new one without any hassles.
I can't agree with the praise for these IEMs more and at 40$ cheaper than what i paid, its a steal
I love my RHA T20s. One of the few stylish, great sounding headphones, amped or when you just use a phone with good audio. Durable as all hell as well. Well worth the price imo.
Very tempting!
I have a pair of these and I really like them the tunning tips are really nice for compensating for what you're listening to like for podcasts I use the treble to cut out the boominess of some male voices
Super tempting. Have the 750's and were super impressed for the price.
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I personally wouldn't say the 750's are balanced. The mids seem recessed to me which is why I though the T20's would be a good upgrade.
I didn't say either.
RHA in massdrop? because the new CL series is not selling well?
If anyone is hesitating on these for any reason – don't! I've been through many IEMs but the T20s are my favourite! They do sound better amped; I'm using a 5.5G iPod Video with a FiiO E17k and it sounds fantastic. I also ended up getting Comply tips as they are far more comfortable.
OMG RHA is now showing up on Massdrop?! It's a good day! I may have to pass on these due to the current 64audio drop but if this Scottish audio innovator has a future on this site, I'm beyond excited!! Thank you Massdrop!
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Based on the endless positive reviews, and the 83 people (at the time of this writing) willing to spend $450 on the 64 audio U4SE, I can only surmise your opinion of 64 Audio quality is misguided.
Additionally, if you venture any light reading on 64 audio's webpage about the innovations in BA arrangements, housing, and port design, you'd realize they take their craft seriously. Sure, this can all be handled with smart marketing, but I suspect they know what they are doing. I have not experienced anything from 64 audio yet, but I'm pumped to get my U4SE's based on overwhelmingly positive feedback.
The issue with cost going up also makes perfect sense. High end IEM's are becoming super trendy and thus demand increases. If I owned my own business, and people wanted my product, and more importantly those same people were willing to pay for it, I would spike my pricing too. Every product is only worth as much as people are willing to pay for it.
There are ears with the ADEL modules that sound better. They have better craftmanship at a price worth buying.
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