Rhodia Rhodiarama Pocket Webnotebooks (3-Pack)search

Rhodia Rhodiarama Pocket Webnotebooks (3-Pack)

Rhodia Rhodiarama Pocket Webnotebooks (3-Pack)

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Pocket Notebooks in a Range of Colors

The A5 Webbie’s travel-size cousin, the Rhodia Rhodiarama Pocket Webnotebook provides a superior surface and a durable, stylish container for your writing. Each is hardbound with a leatherette cover, and filled with 90 gsm paper that's designed with fountain pen users in mind. Along with an inner pocket for loose notes, you’ll find an elastic closure to keep your writing safe and clean and a ribbon marker so you never lose your place.

Note: At checkout, you can select three different Rhodiarama A6 Webnotebooks in any available combination of paper style (blank or lined) and cover color (anise, beige, black, chocolate, irish, lilac, orange, poppy, purple, raspberry, sapphire, tangerine, taupe, or yellow). Purple with blank paper is not available for this drop. If the notebook you would like to select is not available in choice #1, check in #2 or #3.

Rhodia Rhodiarama Pocket Webnotebooks (3-Pack)

Paper That Rocks

The primary distinction in Rhodiarama Webnotebooks is the acid-free, pH-neutral paper. Whereas some brands allow bleeding through the page, every Rhodia notebook comes stocked with heavyweight Clairefontaine paper: a glossy, smooth surface that’s resistant to feathering and lends itself well to fountain pens. You’ll have to let the ink dry a little longer than with regular paper, but trust us, the performance justifies the time.

Rhodia Rhodiarama Pocket Webnotebooks (3-Pack)
Rhodia Rhodiarama Pocket Webnotebooks (3-Pack)

Color Options



  • 90 gsm ivory Clairefontaine paper
  • 96 sheets (192 pages)
  • Acid-free and pH-neutral
  • Hardbound leatherette cover
  • Ribbon marker
  • Elastic closure
  • Inner pocket
  • Rounded corners
  • A6 size: 4 x 5.5 in (14.8 x 10.5 cm)
  • Made in France


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Estimated ship date is Jan 10, 2018 PT.

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