Rhodia Staplebound Notepads (6-Pack)search

Rhodia Staplebound Notepads (6-Pack)

Rhodia Staplebound Notepads (6-Pack)

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I just ordered 6 black no. 18 dot grid for $43.96 with 6-12 Business Days shipping to the US from penworld.eu.
I would have paid $50.99 here for the privilege of waiting a month for delivery.
Estimated ship date was March 6th, any word? Or perhaps i missed something
US$28 for shipping to Singapore? It'd better be hand delivered by a butler in a private jet. That's just insane... very disappointing MD!
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I just sent a watch to Singapore and it cost me $91 USD.
33$ to Australia
Wow - NOT a great deal! These pads are $8.97 at ipenstore ( http://www.ipenstore.com/rhodia-dot-pad-8-1-4-x-11-3-4/), so six pads would be $53.82 and free shipping, since the order would be over $50.

Even by MD's own description, this is decidedly not a great deal. MD states that MRSP is $54 ($9/pad) and touts its price as $42, which is actually $53 when you include MD's exorbitant $9 shipping charge. So you save a dollar for the dubious privilege of waiting weeks, instead of days, to receive your order.

I acknowledge that there are some genuinely good deals at MD - I've joined five drops in the last couple of months.

But, as usual, MD omits its shipping charges from its pricing on the product description page. It gets tedious to keep asking MD to be honest and transparent with us - their own customers - by including the actual cost, including shipping, on the product description page. But, if MD had had included it there, even they would have recognized that it's ludicrous to expect their customers to go through the uncertainty and delay of an MD purchase to save just one buck.

Well. it's ludicrous unless you're making a hefty profit on the outrageous shipping fee.
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I do not disagree, but clicking a button is far from tedious. Also, shipping does cost money, real money. Cheap rates can only be negotiated if a company has a ton of volume (like Amazon). Otherwise, most firms are paying like 90% of list rates. Look that up. They are basically in line with what Mass Drop charges.
I'm not complaining about their shipping costs, in themselves; I'm irritated that MD doesn't simply provide the full price informationon the description page. And, when pertinent, I'll point out when the same product is available from a different source , at virtually the same price, without the uncertainty and long delay of a drop. We all understand that MD re-ships all the products they bought in bulk. So, before offering a product, they should clearly give more thought to whether their shipping costs makes their resulting price point, including shipping, competitive (much less a bargain) when compared with other easily accessible sources.

Admittedly, clicking a button is not tedious compared to genuinely laborious drudgery. But it is tedious to be compelled to do something completely unnecessary, especially when it would take no effort for MD could provide us - their own customers - with the full cost information on the description page. Having to click through to the join drop page is also tedious because MD takes that as permission to send you multiple pestering emails asking if you're still interested in the drop. So, first they make it unnecessarily inconvenient for me to get the full price of the item, then they use this inconvenience that they created as an excuse for cluttering my inbox intrusive marketing. This not good good customer service - it's obnoxious.

wow, great deal, these are $13 each plus $9 to ship 6 of them from my normal retailer. snapped this one up quick!!!!! and you guys, WHERE are we finding the MD shipping charges, I feel mentally incompetent in looking for shipping charges.........
You have to click on join drop in order for the shipping charges to show up. That way you 'register' your interest in the item and Massdrop can then send you follow up spam emails about the items.

$33 shipping for me. No thank you.
Wait a minute, $48 plus $9 shipping for a 6 pack of NOTEBOOKS? Surely that boarders on the absurd. If you want the best paper quality, just spend $5 on a sketch book at your local art supply store. At least the paper is better than that bilge they put in Moleskines.

I swear by Campus notebooks which I found out about in Japan. Cheap and great quality paper which is smooth as silk with fountain pens. Made in Japan. They're pricier here than in Japan, but it's still a good deal compared with this drop.

Dunno why MD even posts "deals" like these.
Rhodia / clairefontaine paper is definitely not on the level of moleskine. If you use a fountain pen, then I am surprised you haven't tried a rhodia pad yet; they are pretty standard issue for peeps with fountain pens.
$9.00 shipping for notebooks? Seriously, who is in charge of pricing over there? Are you even trying to make a sale? I can go to a number of other retailers and get a better price with fast shipping for significantly less.
$9 to ship 6 little notebooks!?!? Are you serious Massdrop???

so basically save just a few dollars short of msrp in addition to a long wait for ship and delivery?

no thanks.
why would 71 people spend $41.99 usd on 6 notepads?
paper quality
what? 80gsm is generally considered as pretty high for writing paper... and the paper weight isn't the only telling factor of the paper's quality
Hi, what is the currency charge in?
All of the orders have been shipped and are now on the way to you! Once tracking is available, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information. Please allow 24-48 hours for this information to update in the courier’s system.

If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center (http://massdrop.com/helpcenter).

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The vendor is currently waiting for the orders pertaining to the second batch of orders to arrive at their warehouse. Based on current estimates these units should arrive early next week. We will make sure to update the group once the order is on the way.

Thanks for your patience and expect an update from us on 12/27 or sooner if something comes up.