Rike Knife Thor 3 Integral Frame Lock Foldersearch

Rike Knife Thor 3 Integral Frame Lock Folder

Rike Knife Thor 3 Integral Frame Lock Folder

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Is this a sheepsfoot or a tanto?
You know your answer is an answer to none... You simply said "yes" supposing someone will read your mind. As for new_blade_fan it is a tanto-ish blade.
Cool knife, looks an awful lot like some CKF designs.

Gavko SF
Alexey Konygin Decepticon
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Are you saying the aesthetics are not similar? I think they are, and I don't have a problem with that.
Following the design principles of a successful product happens in every industry, it is probably how things improve. Competition leads to companies trying to provide added value and become more innovative.
Yes and they are very different though, the SF is just a titanium folder with a texture, if you're talking about blade shape, well they're both in western tanto and that's about that. I see no similarities between the decepticon and the thor3 since their handle geometry is so vastly different (you could almost mistake it for something designed by Elijah Isham). The thor3 has a more industrial look to either of those.
Here's a very detailed review of this knife:
It's selling for $550 most places...
Whoa! Anybody have hands on expirence with this knife?
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Indeed, agree with my friend. I can't give away some of my Reate's right now. You need to look at this knife for what its value is to you, it's very good as are most Rike's.

Anybody interested, Rike builds a non-integral version of this knife that sells for far, far less. It's marketed by HX Outdoors, model ZD-006. It can be had at most of the Chinese on-line import sites for $110-135ish. I just grabbed another (silver) one on the cheap to get anodized and use as a beater. This is sold as the Thor 3-BS in some countries and youtube reviews are available if you speak Russian. S35VN, simplified blade.
Thanks for sharing that; I had no idea!
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