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Right after Cytek Cyborg's mices' usability, loads of buttons, functions and ergonomics, Roccat looks like their rightful heir! I have used R.A.T. 7 for five years until the right click sensor started sticking and it was not an easy choice to find a mouse that will be able to take it's place. The Roccat Tyon i now own is doing it's job excellently, it has more functionalities than a gamer needs, plus it is not overpriced as Razer or other. WP Roccat, you are really making a gamer happy again :-D
I wish this had the AIMO.
The Roccat Tyon, IMO is the greatest mouse ever made. I own two of them for both of my rigs. That being said, I would caution any potential buyers as ROCCAT no longer supports the Tyon. The last update was in Feb 2016. The only solution if anything happens is to RMA.
I only wish it was swarm compatible. I have another roccat mouse that's not swarm compatible and i hate having two different utilities to run for products from the same company.
Just a warning to people, some of the shapes of these mice (specially the Kone line of mice) are very "curvy" and not very "safe" so to say. This means that you should try them out at a local Fry's or Best Buy if you can before buying. You will most likely either love or hate the shape. For more extensive info on choosing a good mouse for your hand, I suggest you head over to Rocket Jump Ninja's channel.
-$ 4 for the ROCCAT Kone Pure Owl Eye really massdrop? we can get it for $60 with international shipping either in or without the 1 month delay
Wait for the price to go down when more people join the drop. Believe it or not, Massdrop needs ways to drop the prices on items. They're not made of money.
Why does their photo show all left handed mice?
Actually none of them are left handed.
Just got my shipping confirmation. Can't wait to give this a try.
Are any of these left handed optional?
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Razer has a left handed version of their DeathAdder mouse:

That's the only gaming mouse I know of that's specifically for lefties.
You could try the gskill mx780. I bought it and really like it BUT it doesn't have a tilt wheel which is a necessity for me in gaming. I didn't realize that when I bought it. But you can use it with either hand and it has a variety of adjustments etc. not very expensive either. Good luck.
If anyone is having trouble getting their Roccat mouse to store the profiles that you're programming, try one or more of the following:

1) Make sure you update the firmware for the mouse first.
2) Run the Configurator as Administrator in Windows.
3) Set the program to run in compatibility mode.
4) If you're running windows in a virtual environment such as Parallels, make sure the device is assigned directly to the environment (instead of being shared).
5) Make sure the mouse is plugged in recognized by your computer before launching the configurator program.

I had a brutal time getting my Tyon to store its configuration at first. I did all of the above and I'm not sure which steps were instrumental in getting it to work.
I just got my Roccat Tyon today. I checked the serial number on the Roccat site here:

It failed the authenticity check. What's up with that?

UPDATE: They had some database problems.
Ok, apparently, their serial number database was offline and all checks were coming back failed. I just checked and my serial number was valid... not that I had any serious doubts.
My current driver of choice is a Mionix Avior 7000 (also purchased via Massdrop). I've been intrigued by the button layout on a Tyon for quite some time so I'm going to spring for it.

My gaming days are behind me, but I still insist on a pretty slick high end gaming mouse. They make me more productive because I can remap hard to reach shortcuts over to my mouse hand so I don't spend as much time trying to reposition my hands or miss keystrokes. Everything from editing images in Photoshop to reviewing Excel spreadsheets, to managing a server on the command line of a terminal program is sped up by having extra controls that a well thought out mouse gives me... not to mention that my hands feel better for not having to contort to odd shapes to reach keys that are really hard to hit with only one hand. You younger dudes who don't think you'll ever deal with repetitive strain, be careful and take care of your hands. Don't make them work harder than they need to work. I'm not sure if a Tyon mouse is the ideal ergonomic input device for you and it could very well be that the Tyon isn't going to be right for me either, so this isn't a recommendation to get in on this drop if your hands hurt. You experiment and learn how your body responds to various tools. What's considered ideal ergonomics is different for everyone.
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Sure, but the Elecom with a side trackball has a completely different shape, layout and less buttons:

I almost want to get the other Elecom just to see how it could be customized with the Steam Controller config tool.
Yeah, I think that gen 1 Elecom trackball mouse is going to be on my shopping list if my right hand ever gets bad again. That form factor really works for me when I get a flare up and when I have to use the Logitech Trackball Mouse I always find myself wanting just one more button. One more button plus a tilt wheel would be really nice.
After having every other mouse with excessive buttons, Corsair M90 , Naga, etc. And the Nyth is by far my favorite. The software isn't impossible to use and its just a really solid mouse. They are all very similar but.. I just like the nyth a lot more, worth it at this price.