Roccat Suora FX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboardsearch

Roccat Suora FX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Roccat Suora FX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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In case any of you missed the drop, for black friday, this keyboard is down to 79.99 on newegg.
considering this one myself hmmm
There are a bunch of things I'm looking for - specifically an RGB, mechanical keyboard, with 10-key, with a small and narrow metal frame. I THINK this meets all those criteria.

I just super hate the roccat branding. Are these standard, replaceable key caps? Anyone have any ideas about how to remove the brand name from above the arrows?

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Thanks guys! +1 to both of you. I'm deeply considering this keyboard!
I got the non rgb version last year and can confirm that the layout is standard. I would have to investigate a way to remove the branding though. Its not a particularly small keyboard.

In terms of size, it has no excesses, but that doesn't make it small, mostly its smaller vertically. Its tall enough that a wrist rest is practically required.
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