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Rock-It Sounds R-DJ Headphones

Rock-It Sounds R-DJ Headphones

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0 purchases.. I wonder why?
The whole point of mass drop is to find items that a lot of people want. I've never heard of this brand before so I'm not interested at all. If this was by Shure, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Brainwavz, Weston, UE, or even Creative, I would be far more likely to join.
First of all. Rock-It sounds is not a no name brand. Definitely not after their legendary R-50 IEMs.

At 50$ it offers good value for this sound signature. ljokerl has given it 8.5/10 for value, and that is at 75$. So, at 50$ it does make for a nice gift even if it isn't your preferred signature.

The massdrop folks have linked ljokerl's review in the description. I hope people do read it. Of course there are people who do not know who ljokerl is. Links below should be a good introduction.

Anyway, kudos to the massdrop guys for all the great drops they've been organizing. :)
Honestly, I think the biggest issue here is the design. The totally rad logo and color scheme that echo from 90s is definitely not "in" at the moment. It might appeal to someone in their early teens, but its unlikely that they'll have the money to purchase these. People are used to the sleek and clean design of both Apple and Android products.
Too expensive for a relatively no-name brand on this one Massdrop. I'd bet my bottom dollar there's a receptive "DJ market" within your customer base but better luck next time with the drop.
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I will admit, this is a weird pair of headphones to drop.

Also, "Rock-It Sounds" as part of its specs? Seriously?
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