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> At checkout, you’ll have your choice of size from 1–16

> no size 16 available


EDIT: I'm a moron. Didn't see the switch to 'wide'.

so close but no 14 wide :'(
Slip resistant?
Is this one singular boot? I don't want both
If anyone is wanting a good military style boot I would suggest getting something else.

Danner, Bates, Belleville, Rocky, and Sketchers all make really great boots and I would suggest getting a pair of those instead of these.
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You are assuming this boot will last two years.

You are also taking the math a bit too literal. Obviously it will depend on the person and how much they get used, I have seen some last five years. For me it was a good deal considering a pair of boots would get me through an entire deployment plus another year, so $50 every two years was a great investment.
These boots will run you longer than 2 years. I've had 4 different brands and styles of jungle boots, in at least 13 years, and I could still wear 3 of them. It's really hard to mess up a jungle boot, I only had to really replace one of them, and that was because the ripple bottom sole was getting flat and splitting after two years of heavy daily use.
are these actually any good? how do they fit the heel?
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Anyone have experience with the Belleville tr900 or the altama’s?
Forget Altama; they're junk like Rothco's knockoff boots. Belleville makes standard issue boots that are definitely worth the extra cash. My girlfriend has had her F600s for over 10 years (same pair she earned in basic), and she wears them almost daily to work. Those Vibram soles last forever. I'm currently breaking in a pair of Belleville TR660s (Mountain Hybrid) boots. At $126, they really are a steal, and I'm sure I'll ruck hundreds of miles in them. If you're planning on using them in the bush rather than on the flight line, I recommend going wide or a half size bigger than your usual size to let your toes breathe and accommodate for thicker wool socks. Nothing beats a good pair of wool tubes with good blood circulation.
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