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Rothco Military Trauma Kit

Rothco Military Trauma Kit

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I wouldn’t trust rothco in a situation requiring a trauma kit. My advice would be to find a London Bridge Trading (or other military contractor) pack on eBay or on sale and assemble the components yourself
Here's the backpack. The buy gauze, a real CAT, a bottle of hand sanitizer, a knife, some rope, alcohol wipes, a bag of sugar, a box of band-aids, rubber gloves, and tweezers.
Throw all that in the backpack and you'll have a trauma kit and a "scratch and bruise" kit that isn't a toy.
Uhhh, i bought one in a past drop, it is great for minor scuffles mtn biking or outdoor accident. No its not a trauma bag but its pretty good. My dad is ex medic and has trauma bag which is huge compared to this. I have stitched myself and the tweasers are poor. good big first aide bag, I added stuff of course.
No bone saw either?

a small cheap red cross first aid kit would do everything this does. In a trauma bag I'd expect atleast 1 sam splint, two CATs, better OPAs and NPAs. If this was actually being marketed to medically trained individuals id want a 14ga for needle decomp, 2 16s and 2 18s with a bag of saline. Thats just off the top of my head. The C collar is pointless here, if you're dealing with a cervical fracture you'll need head rolls and a spine board as well to make any kind of impact on spinal motion restriction.

Waste of your money, and pretty embarrassing that massdrop is advertising this bunk crap.
No Morphine? I'm out!
A "military trauma" kit should include equipment to deal with the primary causes of death on a military battlefield. Airway blockage, check. Massive hemorrhage, not really. Severed artery, nope. Tension pneumothorax, nada.
Not MD's fault. Rothco needs to get their cheet together. Equip it right, or drop the flashy name. This is a glorified boo-boo bag with a neck brace.
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I'm not a big fan of pre-built kits. They can have too much, yet not enough of the important stuff.
Read through this page and you'll have a great understanding of what to look for. They also offer a kit, but I'm not sure it's always in stock.
Couldn't have put it better.
The age of shitposting on Massdrop is upon us. What a glorious day!
I have the bag (green) used it as an EDC bag. Its complete crap, started tearing from the inside out, then the seems on the corner of the bag started giving way. Then again, it was only 14.99 on amazon with prime shipping.
Is there a list of items in the kit? Then a person can see if it is a good value.
Yes. It's just below the color options.
I hate to say it, but it's definitely not a good value. Unless you have medical training most of the items inside are going to be absolutely worthless to you, and if you do have training they're low quality and not going to hold up.
So people were really expecting to be able to do some serious field surgery with this?
Pair it with the current drop for the Stone Series by Yaxell 8.66" Carving Knife and you're good to go.
was the word SURGERY used? no, the word was in field trauma kit.
learn the difference. you know, in the real world not your call of duty one.
How does this Military Trauma Kit compare to the Sennheiser HD650? Asking for a friend....
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You neglected to note that the Sennheiser's cord would make for a better tourniquet than the one provided with this kit.
For real though, CAT or the highway