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Rothco Military Trauma Kit

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$80 USD shipping cost to Canada? Is this a joke?
And $71 USD to ship to Iceland. $9 cheaper for an oversea shipment rather than your landlocked neighbor.
Egad, this Frankendrop is still being peddled? Nothing but a glorified first aid kit here. You are better off building your own. Seeing the same piece of junk coming up over and over again sends Massdrop emails over into spam territory.
A trauma kit with no tourniquets, no clotting agents, no Israeli bandages?
I had the exact same thought. Understand leaving out suture kits for the untrained. But these omissions (and others--no irrigation syringe?) make this kit a joke.
I'm a serving infantry team medic, my advice is avoid this glorified, overpriced first aid kit.

Invest in medical and first aid training, then Build your own.

And remember the best kit don't mean shit if you're not trained to use it, alot of civvies buying 'trauma kits' after watching a YouTube video on Israeli bandages thinking it makes them a medic.
So it’s not worth $140 for a beefed up, intense, first aid kit?
I have to laugh every time I see this come up. This kit is basically garbage and is so ridiculously overpriced for the nonsense in it. You are paying mostly for the bag, the neck collar & maybe stethoscope. Rest is made for small boo boos and NOT trauma. I would in no way trust this kit to save anyone's life. I say that as someone who has over 6 years as a LEO & first responder. This post isn't an attack against Rothco, but I feel most viewing this without proper medical training may think this kit is helpful when in reality it is not. You can get MUCH better ones for $50 that actually have QuickClot homeostatic gauze, Israeli bandage, proper tourniquet, chest seals, better quality bandage wraps, etc.
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Adventure medical kits are fairly reasonable and pretty comprehensive in scope for the money, if you don't want to build your own. 59.99 for the bighorn kit on Amazon, which is the level right below their big boy, the grizzly. Has just about everything the grizzly does, minus the cervical collar. Hope this helps.
I wouldn’t trust rothco in a situation requiring a trauma kit. My advice would be to find a London Bridge Trading (or other military contractor) pack on eBay or on sale and assemble the components yourself
Why us that? Does Rothco have a bad rep regarding this sort of bundle?
Here's the backpack. The buy gauze, a real CAT, a bottle of hand sanitizer, a knife, some rope, alcohol wipes, a bag of sugar, a box of band-aids, rubber gloves, and tweezers.
Throw all that in the backpack and you'll have a trauma kit and a "scratch and bruise" kit that isn't a toy.
Uhhh, i bought one in a past drop, it is great for minor scuffles mtn biking or outdoor accident. No its not a trauma bag but its pretty good. My dad is ex medic and has trauma bag which is huge compared to this. I have stitched myself and the tweasers are poor. good big first aide bag, I added stuff of course.
No bone saw either?

a small cheap red cross first aid kit would do everything this does. In a trauma bag I'd expect atleast 1 sam splint, two CATs, better OPAs and NPAs. If this was actually being marketed to medically trained individuals id want a 14ga for needle decomp, 2 16s and 2 18s with a bag of saline. Thats just off the top of my head. The C collar is pointless here, if you're dealing with a cervical fracture you'll need head rolls and a spine board as well to make any kind of impact on spinal motion restriction.

Waste of your money, and pretty embarrassing that massdrop is advertising this bunk crap.
That's similar to my sentiment. Why would a pack contain OPAs and NPAs if it didn't also contain a BVM? It's as if the person who put this together doesn't understand what airway adjuncts are for.
No Morphine? I'm out!
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