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rOtring 800+ Mechanical Pencil

rOtring 800+ Mechanical Pencil

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I just want the one with the retractable tip but without the stylus
This is $33 at amazon with free shipping,

My trust on massdrop just dropped, lol
I've been using the rOtring 800 for five years now after getting it off massdrop in 2013. I have to say I was pretty impressed by both the pencil and massdrop. I tended to prefer my mechanical pencils, but had only ever had the cheap plastic ones. With about a couple months left on the pencil's warranty the lead holder started to fail. Massdrop totally came through for me though by not only refunding me, but also silently sending me a replacement pencil a few weeks later. I still carry it with me every day since.
If you are looking for the black 0.7 one, you can get that on Amazon for $33.07 plus free shipping.
the link please
I just received my pencil today. It's a rotring 800, not an 800+! WTF?

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.5 or .7?
Yeah, me to. Sending ticket today.
I have three of these pencils and I love them. However, this is no deal. You can buy the same pencil in either .5 or .7 mm in black from Amazon for just over $31 with free same day shipping if you're an Amazaon Prime member. Unfortunately, the posted prices on this site are not always that great. Buyer beware!
You need this pencil. It will change your life. If you are a student, teacher, business professional, or have 2-arms this pencil is for you. For anyone appcrceates well built goods you will not find a more solid pencil than A Rotring product. To anyone who has complaints shame on you.
Currently $31 and change on Amazon with same day delivery/prime.....
I cant believe I bought this for 77 bucks while in Japan. I want to die
This is one of those regular things Amazon always discounts hard for black Friday. I got mines for a pittance a couple of years ago. I may pick another up this year actually as they are truly fantastic bits of kit.
Just bought this off Amazon for $30. Come on massdrop you used to have really good deals, now it seems most things are at best market price.
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I was looking at the .7 mm in black. If you look at that you'll see the price.
Also you can see that even just last month it dropped below 30 in that graph. Like I said if you're not in a rush it's better to wait and pay half the price.
Yeah, I agree for the most part. I was looking at .5mm because that's the one I would get. Just thought the comment above mine was a bit unnecessary.
I bought one of these 2 years ago at the start of college and it is by far my best mechanical pencil! Would highly recommend.
I'd buy if it wasn't cheaper with 2 day shipping on Amazon...
This same item is available on Amazon for $45.99
Didn't belive you, but I found it. I'm a little disappointed how easy it was to find a better deal.