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Roue Watches CHR Quartz Watch

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My first watch after a long break, I did not regret for a second that bought them.
This is the 1st quartz timepiece that I'd be proud to have. It's styling is classic.
Hi, I see on ROUE website they mention " There is no tax and duties on orders to EU and USA (up to USD 800). ". I live in Ireland and would get hit on tax and duties if I buy from USA. Does this rule on their website still apply? Thanks
The tax rule only applies if you buy from the website.
Wish they made an Automatic version
Hi cormace, I would love to make an automatic chronograph but it would easily cost USD 500 or more...
Any lume on this baby?
I like it!
Anyone know the lug-to-lug length on these?
Thanks. I'm in for 1. Just within my tolerance.
I got my CHR yesterday and just set it up this morning.

Wow, am I impressed.

Great industrial design, and the execution and finish are so clean and absolutely flawless. Great manufacturing quality. Really top notch.

It looks better in person than what the photos convey. It has a dimensional quality to it that don't fully come across in the pictures.

Some nice touches are the two straps. one leather, one silicone. Each strap has a tiny pull back lever for one side of the spring bar pins, so it's super easy to install. Super nice and classy.

I feel like they really thought it through and went above and beyond with the straps. And the straps seem really nice quality, too; well integrated into the design of the watch, and not an afterthought.

Sometimes you spend this much or more on a watch and feel like they cheaped out somewhere. With this, I just felt really good about the purchase. Everything was as good or better than I expected.

I'm testing the accuracy now. But so far this has been great. I will definitely be purchasing more ROUE watches in the future (in fact, I just jumped on other the one that is dropping now).

I got the model with brighter case and dial finish. The all black was also appealing, but it looked just a little too "stealth bomber" for my style. Of course I haven't seen the black one in person, but in the pics it seems like the lighter one shows off the detailing somewhat better.

If there's one nit to pick, and this is a tiny, tiny one, it's this: because of the way the straps are packed, each set tucked into one corner of the box so it kind of wraps around on the inside of the box, if the strap isn't oriented just right when packed, it will pick up an upward bend instead of a downward one.

This happened to my silicone strap, but not my leather one.

What happens is once the band is installed on the watch, instead of the band curving down on both sides to mirror the curve of the wrist, the band will, instead, slightly curve upward (so when the watch is taken off and laid flat on a table, the two ends of the band curl upward a tiny bit).

This isn't a functional problem at all because the silicone is quite pliable. Once on the wrist, the issue is non- existent.

So just a tiny nit pick, almost not worth mentioning.

Overall, I'm very impressed. I think this is a watch brand to keep an eye on.

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Any lume on the watch?
I haven’t been in an environment where the lume was necessary, so I haven’t noticed.

But this review indicates that only the chronograph hands are lumed:
I invite all to see other pictures and a little text about my background in the “Talk” session. It is called ROUE Watches. Questions are more than welcome 🙏🏻
I've got one of their other models - good fit and design. This is also a good price.
Very nice (albeit not super original) design, nice measurements, but gosh what a terrible logo!
Logo looks good to me, very vintagy feel to it and complements the watch style.. beauty is in the eye of the beholder I suppose..
Neat looking watch. I think the ROUE logo on the face is a little too prominent, though.

Anyone know anything about the movement in this?
The specs say it’s a Miyota 6S10 chrono.

It it looks like it’s getting very good reviews from what I’ve seen. Especially for the fit, finish, and execution.

I’d like to see some of their other designs drop here in the future.