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Was running through the watch drops. Some have manufacturer warranties, some have one year MassDrop warranties and some have no mention of a warranty what so ever. Why? What is the exact meaning? From the maker, the gray market or under the table from Vitto?
Never Mind. I've found the info. I may be a bit slow, but I get there eventually. Kinda drive the same way.
And I like the Roue, though I'll pass on this drop.
Have a question,

Why pictures in description shows an awesome looking leather strap, half of my decision was based on it. However when you read items included you are getting silicone and nylon(which also looks great imho). But who needs silicone strap, in sense if we are going for vintage look. Sad, wish there was an option for leather and nylon strap
Thank you Alex, I'm looking forward for this one
content is adjusted to 1 leather + 1 nylon. Thanks for letting us know.
Any lume on this watch?
Yes, please check the picture
Looks great. Thank you
Please visit the "Talk" session in Auto or Watches to see more pictures of the SSD series. Let me know if you have any questions.
Hi guys,

I'd like the SSD with the silver case...the corresponding picture in the current drop has this labelled 'SSD 2' however according to your website, the silver-cased model is the SSD 3. Which should I select at checkout with massdrop to ensure I get the correct watch (with silver case)?
The Silver is the SSD3. You are correct and I will let them know about it. Thanks !
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