Royal Glam 60% Hardwood Case - Massdrop Exclusivesearch

Royal Glam 60% Hardwood Case - Massdrop Exclusive

Royal Glam 60% Hardwood Case - Massdrop Exclusive

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@WoodLab Kevin will this drop return again?
What a wonderful case!!!
I'm selling the Black Walnut version of this for $80 that I got in a trade if anyone is interested. Does not come with screws.
Mine arrived today… there's glue in one of the screw sockets, any tips for getting it out?
Hi, I ordered this case, but I don't have orded yet the PCB to associate with. With hotswaps sockets, GK64 rgb board would be a good compatible choice ?
@Woodlab Kevin I have some question about this product. could you let me know your email address?
@WoodLab Kevin Why does the wrist rest look so small on this version? It's a shame, I would of considered it otherwise.
are these finished or not?
The finish on them doesn't take well, so I'd finish them yourself.
Are there any plans to have this in 40%??
My maple from the last drop came with two of the standoffs filled with glue and one at an angle so the screw would not line up on my pok3r. I wouldn't recommend this product to a friend.
Does it fit the GK64?
I think I am over my head (again). Is a ready made keyboard meant for this LOVELY, or are these lovelies meant for people to build their own keyboards in? Sorry to show how far over my head this group is.....
So... if these lovelies are to build your own keyboard... how do you know what you are doing? That probably wasn't worded correctly. If I were to build my own keyboard, so I could buy one of these lovelies and use it... where would I start? How would I start??
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Believe it or not, I used to solder as a kid, putting radios together, just to see if I could... and then worked for the local (tech) company that builds planes, etc... and I was on the soldering line, making printed circuit boards. Of course, that's been years ago. But yes, after saying that, maybe I should just buy a pre-made keyboard. But soldering doesn't scare me off... I'm up for adventure.
Thank you. It stopped me, because I didn't know the answer. :\
Would this lovely work with this keyboard (am waiting for it to ship....)
Topre Realforce 87U with PBT Spacebars
No, that keyboard is TKL and this is for a 60%
Anyone know of any hot swap socket pcb kits that fit in this case?
The GK60/64 is hotswap
Like the look of this but the wrist rest is way too small for my large hands. :(
Of course this has to pop up literally the day after my walnut case from kbdfans ships. Ugh, what do you want me to do Massdrop, build two boards now?
You couldn't find a straight space bar, even for the product photography?
Any update on this? Last drop was supposed to ship yesterday...
So no? No update at all?
@WoodLab Kevin will this case fit the XD75RE? I joined in the last drop. I got it for my pok3r, but if it fits the XD75RE it might be repurposed..
Sigh, missed this! Looks like a wonderful case!
using the New glue I mentioned before,it is firm but the glue is hard to clean.


WoodLab Kevin
Just tried to install my KB inside my maple wrist rest style case from the Oct 30, 2017 drop and there is glue inside two of the brass standoffs so I can't get the screws in. Is there a way to get two replacement standoffs?
Also, on my last royal glam case (from a previous drop, maybe pre-glue/different glue), all of my standoff fell out when I turned the KB over. To fix it I used the smallest amount of gorilla glue, applied with a toothpick to the side of each standoff (not in the hole) and put them in place with the screws already threaded in so the ends were flush with the bottom of the standoff. Once the glue dried I was able to unscrew them and the holes were clean although there was a bit of glue puffing out between the standoffs and the wood (not that anyone can see that now). The standoffs have not been a problem since.
I hope this comes back as is in another month or 2.
It's back now
I wish I could get this, but I have to wait for a refund, does anyone have an idea of a preorder or something of the sort?
I dont think It would work for HHKB pro 2
no, it wont.
man I would be all over this if it would have fit the new poker 2
Will this work with a FILCO Majestouch MINILA?
It would be nice if the listing for this (and other cases) could specify their compatibility with the the more common of boards. A quick look at the comments of literally any 60% case shows the same questions multiple times, sometimes not answered until the drop ends resulting in lost purchases that could have been an easy sale had the user known for sure that their board was compatible.
This is compatible with whatever 60% screw layout a pok3r uses.
is this pok3r compatible?
It would depend on your model of POK3R. If it is a standard unit without RGB, then it should be fine as it follows the same screw layout of most 60%'s. In general, any 60% case with the USB port hole on the left and a screw pattern like this will fit a standard POK3R. However, an RGB POK3R like mine would likely sit high due to the 2nd PCB adding thickness to the internals.
Just so its noted more recently for others, I'll also note here that older Poker II's should fit, but new ones with USB-C wont be able to have their port accessible without cutting.
Wow they returned without the logo, like we suggested!
The system works!
Finally some proof that customer feedback works!
Will this work with GH60 Satan PCB?
It will. I have an old version of this case and the GH60 works well, I regret not getting a plate though so please invest extra $20 for a plate.
Thank you!