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Royal Glam 60% Wood Keyboard Case

Royal Glam 60% Wood Keyboard Case

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Has the screw hole issue fixed with this or is it still a problem and can't be used with my Vortex POK3R?
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That’s based solely on the number of times the they’ve had this drop and not commented on the issue
There's still a *lot* of high quality stuff here on Massdrop, but why they continue to partner with Royal Glam is beyond me. It's not just these frames either, if you go into the comment sections on any of their drops they seem to have a very big problem with QC.
I WANT THIS! Does anyone know when will be back in stock?
Received mine. Screw holes were off, can't mount my pok3r. They are giving me a refund, and the hunt for a case continues. :(
Try an NPKC frame. Theyre available on Amazon as well as
I am not saying this case is bad. but dont understand why people make the keyboard to small size of 60% , then use this case to make keyboard big again?
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Personally, I like to bring all the keys to my fingers, so I don't have to move my hands as much. Over a long day, moving your hands to and fro to the numpad and nav cluster does get tiresome. Plus, the wrist rest is more for ergonomics. It's a little nicer to type on a board with a wrist rest for long periods, as your hands aren't angled up as much. But hey, the whole point of having customizable keyboards is so that you have more choices. :)
looks like you the "VIM" guy.
can anyone tell me if this will fit a KBP V60?
This was almost a automatic buy for me when I saw it drop again but thankfully I came and read these comments first. YIKES. Good looking out, MD community.
I'm happy with mine on my pok3r, but I did need to finish the wood with tung oil like I've mentioned somewhere in the comments.
Personally I've always thought that these looked fantastic but never been able to justify the price
does this fit a pok3r?
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After reading post below, it sounds like I got lucky my screw holes were close enough to work. I would say put this in the "Don't buy" until there is confirmation that a standard 60% layout will work consistently.
alright thanks appreciate it
I would love to order this case now that it has dropped again, but the past comments about missaligned standoffs is really putting me off. I won't join unless it is confirmed by Massdrop that the issue has been resolved.

Any word on this, Massdrop? Or WoodLab Kevin ?
13 weeks later, and they're still mute on the issue. Suspicious, to say the least.
Can someone from Massdrop comment on if the standoff issue has been remedied?
You know..... I gave these guys the benefit of the doubt. Despite all the product complaints, I gave them a shot. There appears to be more than a year of time to have solved these issues with the standoff’s not being correctly placed....but no. Not a single screw is aligned properly. Not. One. I mean.... Do you guys not have a template you can just set down in these and drill the holes so they’re correct every time? I’m blown away. I can’t even drill my own holes because they would over lap with the misaligned ones. It would have been better if there were no holes at all.
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I've been able to install my Pok3r RGB in two of these cases but I had to install the screws about halfway and then tighten them down. Also, on my first one I had to remove all of the standoffs and reinstall with two part epoxy to get them to stay in. On the second one I had to replace the standoffs that were filled with gorilla glue and epoxy them back in.

BTW, you could move standoffs even with an overlap using some epoxy putty to fill the holes and redrill but it is a bit ridiculous and there really is no excuse for it.

Let's just say I know I won't be ordering any more Royal Glam products. :/
In my case none of the screws lined up with any of the holes, so there wasn’t going to be any halfway tightening unfortunately. The epoxy idea would work, I just didn’t think of it at the time. I’ve been wanting the Pok3r rgb for a while, so I might spend some time on it to make that work I guess. Undecided at the moment on whether I want to go the extra mile.