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Received my case the other day. Oak with wrist rest. The finish looks smooth and ok. There's a slight "dent" in the wood on the bottom, but it seems like it was there *before* it was sanded and polished. Not a biggie.

A bigger biggie is that the screw holes are completely off. Like, all of them. I wanted to match this case with my BananaSplit60 PCB (which, to my knowledge, follow the usual Poker/GH60 standard), but the screw holes are off by a mm or two or so. If I align one, then the others don't line up. Especially bad are the left- and rightmost holes. They won't work *at all*.

I'll try matching it with a GH60 PCB tonight just to check. Otherwise, I might not have another choice but to return it.

Feeling mighty disappointed. I had a very special build in mind for this wooden case. :(

If anyone can recommend other wooden cases that actually FIT the PCBs, please do share.
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I *might*. I haven't had the time lately to tinker with it and I'm out of town at the moment. Will shoot you a line if I decide to sell it. :)
Alright cool dude! my reddit name is quaddepo so without the 'S' here
So the drop just ended and had an estimated ship time of March, but the next day I’m being shipped a keyboard case. I thought this drop was for a new batch of keyboard cases, not something previous. Is Massdrop sending me someone’s previous return?
Yeah. I'm pretty confident this is a return from a previous drop. All the issues mentioned in that drop are present on this case. What is the deal here MD, send this back to Royal Glam already. I would still like an answer regarding the latest drop. Is this for a new order, or were you trying to unload the last of the returns?
I'm really confused why so many people are still supporting this drop, considering the number of reported problems. I really want to buy one, but with such bad quality control, I can't bring myself to pull the trigger
I've had my reservations based on what I've seen too, but I did get a headphone stand a while back that's excellent. There weren't any issues and it's sitting pretty on the desk today. Hopefully this drop will be the same.
I received my Padauk case without wrist rest, which will be used with an XD60/64 pcb and plate.

Pros: The wood is beautiful and all screw holes match up with my PCB. Also, it arrived on time (hooray!).

Cons: The cutout for the USB port is significantly off, needing to be higher and a bit deeper. When I first tried to fit the PCB in, the USB input bent downwards because the top of it is flush with the opening. As a result, I will need to expand the opening so that I can plug into my keyboard. Another con, relatively minor, is that the screw tops are hard to get a good grip on with my screw drivers. It's like they were designed to be half-way stripped.
Received mine this morning, and i can confirm what a lot of people are saying. Most (if not all) of the screw holes are completely clogged with glue, and the holes are completely flush with no standoffs of any kind to support the pcb. I will be trying tonight to see if i can clean them enough to get the screws to thread.

I had hopes for an increase in quality given a prior conversation in this thread that took place right after the last drop ended ( ). Makes me wonder if the case i got is one that was returned previously, and is trying to be resent until somebody "accepts" it.
Standoffs aren't necessary in a wooden case. The glue sucks and shows that there wasn't a ton of QC by Kevin or MD but it's easy to pick out with a knife and shouldn't take more than 10 or 15 minutes.
"There wasn't a ton of QC by Kevin or MD"

Welcome to ever Royal Sham drop ever.
will this fit FaceW 60% Pcb?
looks like QC for this drop is sub standard as well
Got my case yesterday. Absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to build my new board! My one issue was that there was glue in the screw holes for the standoffs. It's relatively easy to clean out with an x-acto knife or a small pick but just something would have rather not had to deal with on a finished product. I'd still recommend the case though based on the overall quality.
Just got the case. 3 out of the 6 screws don't fit into the holes on the case. It just don't screw in. The problem seems to be with the holes, not the screws. The holes on the case has signs of repair on it already (glues). I suspect I received a case that's returned by someone. The repair obviously did not work (otherwise I won't complain here).

Case not usable at all due to the above issue. Very disappointed.

It seems the new glue blocked the holes.Use a small knife to clean it.

By the way I will use the brass post to prop up the pcb.
WoodLab Kevin
Thanks for the reply. Wish it came earlier though.. Didn't know it was fixable (Tried to use the screw driver to clean the holes but failed) so I returned the case already.

And yea having some standoffs (brass post) to support the pcb would be great. Wish we can get the exact same standoff on the product page, that just looked way nicer:

Any updates over here? :)
I just received my shipping notification : )
Just got mine!