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Royal Glam Bamboo Wrist Rests

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Mine was supposed to have shipped nearly a month ago and the status is still Order placed with the vendor. Apparently in 4 days it'll be a month late and they will then contact me with status for the first time since the original theoretical ship date, since which I have heard nothing whatsoever.
So ... May 11 has come and gone, and no announcement about status in months. Anybody have an update?
Nothing since the email on May 11th telling me it would be late and they would contact again if a full month of delay happened. That's pretty poor service. "Hey, it's late - if it's a month late or more, we'll maybe update you."
I don't know why so many people here complain about the rough finish, it's bamboo after all. Anyways, I've had mine for about 2 months and the rubber feet still smell like they will probably poison me sooner or later, will that stop sometime soon?
Agreed with others that the build quality is not at all what I would expect based on the marketing. Add that with the massive wait, and I'm calling this one a MISSdrop. (See what I did there?!)
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I don't know if it helps you, but mine from one of the latest drops is flawless, exactly like the pictures. It's really smooth on both sides and it's precisely made. I started to use it in November and It is not changed to this day. Frankly I don't know what I could ask more to a piece of bamboo!
Mine seems good. It's a *tiny* bit rough on the left side on the top and there are some imperfections on the bottom. I can take a picture if you're curious.
Is there a status update on shipment for this?
I have mine! I was notified of shipment on January 30th and it arrived today.
Finally, RG is selling wrist rests made of a sustainable material. Now if they just put enough finish on. It's not that hard to make a smooth bamboo surface...
Where do you find those flower blossom keycaps?
That's the MD Cherry Tree PBT set. The drop just ended, request it if you want MD to offer it again.
Why can't I find the size anywhere? The length specifically.
18.99 at checkout 28.99. get the f outta here... lol. I'm stateside btw.
since i have a K-type keyboard which one do i buy? HELP
The K-Type is a tenkeyless keyboard, so you want the base one, the TKL one.
$24 for a plank?
if only it was 24$ for a planck
24 dollars for a poorly made warped plank*

Royal Glam is a scam outfit in cahoots with massdrop. Literally every drop they've done has almost a 100% defect rate. Massdrop still keeps running this garbage. Go look at their marble wrist rest drops.
I would not recommend buying this if it comes up again. The finish quality does not live up to its supposedly discounted price tag.

I got the full-sized version to go with my Apple Keyboard and Magic Track Pad and it works fine, but the texture is very rough against the skin because the bamboo grain is quite scratchy. It feels like it's either totally unfinished or insufficiently finished. Additionally, there's gaps between the laminates in a couple of place. Also the stick on rubber grips leave prominent scuff marks on the desktop. Very disappointing purchase.
Rubber grips leave marks

Gap in laminate

Close up of rough texture. You can feel all those lines under your palms.

Smaller gap in laminate
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UPDATE: It is now cracking vertically in several places along the bottom. This is a truly awful product. I would be upset if I paid $12 for it, let alone the $30 they're asking (including shipping)

mine feels like it's not finished at all, it's getting really rough under my palms