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RC930-87 RGB Electro Capacitive Keyboard (2nd Gen)

RC930-87 RGB Electro Capacitive Keyboard (2nd Gen)

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I need the software for the Gen2 RC930-104, their website no longer has the software for programming the keyboard, somehow mine is constantly sending an ALT key every 1 second as a macro, and i can't disable it. even the reset key combo won't stop it.
Here's my review: After years of buying/selling/collecting keyboards, I'm surprised by the fact that my favorite keyboard to type on currently is the Royal Kludge C930-87 RGB (there's also a version without LED backlighting, as well as have 35g, 45g, and 55g versions. Mine is 45g). When I first got into mechanical keyboards, I preferred the very tactile ones, and if that meant the keyboard might be loud (buckling spring, Cherry MX Blue), I didn't mind it too much, because the overall impact was more visceral and fun. But once I've experienced the much quieter Topre RealForce ergonomic weighted silenced version, I much preferred the peace and quiet while typing. However, the ergonomic weighted version wasn't tactile enough (due to the keys with lesser weight), while the 55g version was a little heavy for my taste. There were other switches there were kind of in-between, with enough tactile feedback but not too noisy, such as the Matias quiet switch, Cherry MX Clear, Leopold's 45g Topre. I would have been happy with those, but then I got the Royal Kludge C930-87 RGB, and it instantly felt "just right," sort of like the Goldilock and the Three Bears--I found my keyboard. This is probably the one keyboard I'll keep if I have to sell off my entire keyboard collection. The reasons I love the Royal Kludge C930-87 RGB are: -Although it's a emulation of the Topre switch and many consider it "not authentic," it is similar enough that I don't really care. -It's about as quiet as the silenced RealForce Ergonomic Weighted keyboard, but it's more tactile (only because it's not ergonomically weighted). -It's not as heavy as the 55g Topre. -It's 45g, and feels slightly smoother than the Leopold 45g Topre, and quieter (less high-pitched clacking). The initial resistance is slightly lower than the Leopold Topre (not as crisp), but the weight feels similar. -Overall, it just feels really smooth, quiet, and has just enough tactile feedback to feel good to type on, but doesn't call attention to itself for being too heavy. -It uses Cherry MX stems, so you have lots of keycaps to choose from. I'm not a fan of LED backlighting that will spill out between the keys and distract from the actual legends, so I did a mod where I took off the keycaps, then used black acrylic paint to cover the transparent housing. This provided enough blocking of the light spill to make it a lot less distracting. And if you don't like LED backlighting, there's a version without it, or you can just turn it off, as well as put on your own choice of Cherry MX compatible keycaps. I know keyboard preferences are highly subjective, but I just wanted to share this with all of you, in case some of you are looking for a keyboard with similar characteristics.
How would you rate the keyboard now? After owning it for several months? Any issues?
Does anyone have the software? The dropbox link elsewhere in this thread is defunct, and I lost my CD. :(
I have had this board for several months as well. It has been my daily driver since i received it. Love the sound of the topre keys. Unfortunately the board seems to be failing on me. On 2 different computers the board seems to just shut off. Totally unresponsive. When i Plug/Replug I sometimes get "USB Device malfunctioned" and if i try enough it generally eventually comes back to life. Unfortunately it seems to die at quicker and quicker intervals at this point. I am going to have to retire this and return to my Varmillo. Super disappointing but I wont be doing another kludge drop.
If you are daring enough to try, check the USB cord connection inside the case. Use a plastic butter knife to carefully release the catches. A friend of mine was having issues and found that one of the leads was loose on the connector. Make sure they are all seated fully.
Red wire was loose here.

Rev 1 tear down. https://www.keychatter.com/2015/03/12/review-royal-kludge-rc930-87-rgb/
So after having used this keyboard for a little over 4 months, I thought that I can share a review of sorts based on what I think about the Rc-930 87 key. Note that my only other mechanical keyboard I own is a matias tactile mini, and I have only tried individual MX switches through a switch tester.
To start, I’ll preface this by mentioning that I purchased this keyboard because I was drawn to the sensational “thock” that topre and it’s derivatives made when typing. Since I was not ready to shell out the money for genuine topre, this board appeared to be the next best option for me. Ultimately the MX cap compatibility is what sold me on it, with help from the RGB lighting. Stock, this board I found was wonderful to type on, and thoroughly enjoyed the silenced clack of the upstroke. Much softer and springier than the matias that I was using before it. As others have mentioned, it does come with some defects so to speak, which seem to vary between one and another. For mine, it was two things:
-First, key registration was not consistent with the tactile bump, the “K” key being the biggest offender. If I am not careful, simply resting my finger on the key will result in a long string of k’s. -Second, the caps lock key stopped functioning about a month after I got it. The light wouldn’t turn on, but I circumvented this issue by using fn+ctrl to swap places with the caps lock key. Strangely the caps lock key worked perfectly normal as a ctrl, and vice versa. Just when I got used to the layout, the caps lock key started functioning correctly again, but now I can no longer swap caps and ctrl back to that layout.
When I came across the existance of the Hi-Pro, I was curious to see how SA caps would fair on this board. Months pass and when signature plastics released their Ice cap SA PBT keyset, I decided to jump on it, as I’ve never tried PBT nor SA before. Soon after receiving the set, I wanted to try lubricating the sliders and removing the O rings. The process was extremely tedious, but resulted in an extremely and satisfyingly loud clack, much deeper though somewhat muted compared to the Hi Pro from videos. Needless to say it is now extremely smooth to type on, and the lubricant helped silence the majority of stabilizer rattle that I got from installing the SA caps. It may be of worth to mention that removal of the O rings resulted in pretty noticeable key wobble, though for me this was a non issue, coming from the matias.
While I may not own nor have tried real topre, I have yet to tire of this keyboard and am more than happy to have purchased it, faults and all. A little modification seems to go a long way in terms of key feel and overall experience. Below I posted two videos of me typing on this keyboard. The first video is only with the PBT SA caps, and no further modifications. The second video with O-rings removed is also when I lubed the stabilizers and sliders. Unfortunately the second video does not to the clack justice, it sounds more muted/dull than it is in real life. Apologies for the phone quality

qMy q key sometimes pops up even when I have not used it. Quite annoying as it sometimes spontaneously appears when I press the Cmd-key, and thus switches of the application I'm working in. Anything I can do about this? Should not happen after a few months for what remains an expensive keyboard. (Ha the q at the beginning is just one example)
Sad to say, I've been using the keyboard for a month or so and in line with the other comments it seems like the QC for these keyboards was not up to the same spec as the 1st gen. My control key "skips" sometimes when I press it down, which is very annoying for games. The home key I have to press down hard in order for it to register. Some of the keys feel springy and not very comfortable on the upstroke. It has been mentioned in the past that removing the dental bands on this version causes the keys to work sporadically. That only occurs for me with the space bar, but even then the keys aren't as comfortable on the upstroke. When I plug it into the computer (when it's programmed) while the computer is on, the keys don't work until I toggle off and on the programming mode. The stabilizer stems come off the keys very easily, which makes it difficult to put the keys back on as well. All of these issues, I have not had with the 1st gen.
But it has better lighting, so, there's that. (Though why in the world they made the sides of the keycaps glossy I do not know.)
I'm going to do a little more investigation into the sliders and the switch housing to see if I can find any issues there.
I really hated the amount of glaring light-bleed on this keyboard, so I went ahead and took all the keycaps off and painted the sides of the switch with black acrylic paint. MUCH BETTER.
Anybody having trouble with this keyboard under OSX? On one computer, I have to unplug/replug it to get the lighting to work. On another, the lighting turns off when it wakes up/boots. When I replug it, the lighting works but I get no input from it. In windows and linux and both of these computers, the keyboard works 100% as expected.
I got two of these in the drop and they're both doing the same thing.
I'm really happy with them otherwise and if it had a detachable cable this might be my endgame. Not quite as smooth as my Novatouch TKL but a bit less actuation force and don't have the clatter so they're much quieter.
I also got some PBT's to go on it because of all the complaints about the keycaps... but honestly the stock ones feel great to me.
After a restart, I have to use another keyboard for the password and plug this one in/out to make the lights work again. Seems to be an issue with the motherboard. (OSX)
Mine came yesterday as well, I've got some issues with my T key which sometimes stay down, very frustrating. I removed the keycap to see that's the switch which is faulty, I'll see if I can open it or blow some air in case something got stuck. If not enough I'll contact the support. For the keycap, I really dislike the design but that's comfortable to type on. Other issue, there was a CD in the box for the driver + software I guess but I have no CD reader on my computer... And with the only file I found (on the official RK page) once I launch the utility I'm told that the keyboard isn't connected.

I tried manually updating the drivers but was always told that I was already using the most latest drivers. Any idea ?
The software from the RK website is for the Gen 1, not the Gen 2 - the disk indeed has the up to date software. Courtesy of y2bd, from page 4:
Thanks !
Interested in purchasing if anyone looking to sell.
Located in the US.
fMine came yesterday, the topre-like keyswitches feel amazing and it seems to be working perfectly with my mac :D Only downsides I've seen so far are mediocre keycaps and the non-removable cable, however it's braided and seems to be very durable.
Update: The 'r' key seems to be bugging out - about a tenth of the time when I hit it it sends both 'r's and 'f's :( rfffffrrffrfrfrfrfrffr (that was just from holding down 'r').
Update number two: Turns out the 'f' key is the problem, it's sticking or something (it's been activating when I'm not typing, I know it's not a software issue because I can see one of the bacfklight effects going off). Is there any way I can get it switched out for another one? Other than this issue I love the board :(
Doe anyone in Europe (for shipping reasons) want to buy my 2nd gen RC930 from the previous drop? I am not liking the switch type as much as I thought.
Got mine today! Here are my impressions:
Actuation feature: not important. You'll probably bottoming out typing on this keyboard since that's how the switch feels. Once you break the "55g", there's very little resistance to the bottom, so 2mm vs. 3mm makes very little difference. Actually, the switch does feel a little different - the gen 2 is a little more linear than the gen 1, but it still has that nice popping feeling. The actuation feature would have been more useful on the gen 2, but the point still stands.
Only think I don't like about the gen 2 (so far) is the glossy sides on the keycaps. The stock font is much nicer, the lighting is SO much better, from the color accuracy to the extra features on this board. There's a lot less color bleed as well, which is very obvious on the gen 1 even with zone lighting - as per the image, the gen 1 (below) WASD zone looks orange because of the "yellow" (that color accuracy for ya), but is actually red. The picture doesn't make it look as bad as it is.

P.S. Don't worry about the F8 and pause key - I taped the domes to the PCB with electrical tape so the springs wouldn't keep falling out, and I never bothered to fix it since it blocked the LEDs which are embedded in the PCB.
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Yeah, no issues. If you go into 'devices and Printers' in the control panel, it should show up as a Tiny87 keyboard.
Yeah, it's not even showing up and won't register a keystroke.
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Natalie Portman.
Wish these keycaps weren't complete shit though.
oh more RGB lights can't stand it after watching the coverage of Computex 2016 .ppfff
does this come with the rubber o-rings like in the video?
Yeah, the o-rings are preinstalled on the switches. The switch is designed to have the o-ring installed, so if it is removed you may experience other issues. I took the o-rings off and my space bar would type repeat characters, the problem was fixed when I reinstalled the o-rings.
Can anyone compare these to the Plum Topre clones on Aliexpress? I've been eyeing the Plum 87 RGB 45g for a while now, but this looks interesting as well.
Which is generally more preferred gen 1 or gen 2? The actuation switching feature sounds nice.
I personally wish I would have gotten the 1st gen because I do not care about the lighting features of the second gen. I make a lot more typos with the one I have.
I can let you know when I get the gen 2, I'm dropping on it now. I didn't actually know about the actuation feature, I'll test that when I get home.
If you're wanting it as a collectable, 55g non-backlit with removable cable and original POM keycaps would be the best find. That's partially because if you want to use the lighting at all, the gen 2 is much better (and either way you'd want to invest in a keycap set). I think they aren't making gen 1's anymore, unfortunately, so non-backlit ones in particular are going to be hard to find.
What is the difference between the generations?
Gen 1: - Zone lighting - Switch housing is white - Lighting is blue tinted - 45g and 55g - available without RGB and with POM keys
Gen 2: - Per key lighting - Switch housing is clear - lighting more neutral (?) - only in 55g RGB
Those are the major differences, there may be some more minor ones. I'm not sure about gen 2's, but some of the gen 1's came with a detachable cable. Unfortunately, the software made available by RK is for the gen 1's - given that there's now per-key lighting on the gen 2, I hope they update the software, but who knows if they will.
Link for gen 1: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/royal-kludge-rc930-87
Jeol does a good job of outlining the differences. I have two more: the first gen has shortcuts to switch the keyboard into 6KRO mode and to change the actuation point of the key from 2mm to 3mm. I was able to install a USB port on my second gen, but that requires a bit of soldering.
what keycaps are those?
Hey Massdrop, put the weight in description so we don't have to speculate in the comments. Thanks.
So is it a 45g or a 55g keyboard this time around?
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It's 55g, I've updated the specs as well.
Thank you!
If anyone buys one and wants the cable removed, let me know I can help. I've removed my own an done it for another person as well
have to love the comment "a keyboard fit for a king" hahahha also love Topre switch.. i have the FC660C only problem i have with my keyboard are the keycaps and the size of the right shift. If this keyboard would type as good as other topre and have compatible stems it wil truly be "a keyboard fit for a king" with as much options as you could ever want ;-) Wil definitely keep my eyes open for a good review perhaps on youtube.. And when i mean good review i mean one done by a real keyboard connaisseur like "LiquidEvilGaming"
Man, I was interested in this keyboard a while ago but then ended up buying a Novatouch instead. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love my novatouch, and frequently jump between it and my other board (a gateron blue) but it has a lot of key chatter. I dunno if it's my particular board or if that's just how most novatouches are, but instead of hearing the topre "thock" I mostly hear the clack sound of the upstroke =/ And it makes me wonder if this one would have that or not... Hell, maybe I should just get a realforce or HHKB to get the genuine topre experience
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Yeah, I just ordered some soft landing pads and will be doing the mod whenever they arrive. I'm a lil nervous about opening up a keyboard for the first time but from what I've read it shouldn't be too hard.
Just be patient and don't rush, use a butterknife or old plastic card.


Quick question: Is this the 55g or the 45g version?
I assume it is the 55g one based on past comments, but the listing doesn't say anything one way or another.
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I wish I had fine control of my fingers, but I don't. So I just press until I can't no more. And when I said fatigue, I kind of meant all things hand related I should say. But I understand.
I have the Plum84. The keys for changing the lighting modes are the same as this. There is also a program you can download to make a custom lighting pattern and program all the keys on a separate layer. I do not like the 35g though. They feel too light. Considering getting a Novatouch to harvest the domes and sliders(for HHKB).