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Rumpl Super Fleece Blanket

Rumpl Super Fleece Blanket

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Not Your Ordinary Fleece

The modern Rumpl Super Fleece blanket offers high-performance features for your bed at home or in your tent. Its Nanotex technical knit top shell is stain resistant and repels liquids. The soft fleece bottom shell is treated with antimicrobial Silvadur, which repels bacteria and odor. Plus, the blanket has synthetic 3D hollow-fiber insulation that reflects the body’s heat to maintain an ideal temperature. The Waves edition of the Super Fleece blanket is inspired by a picture shot by photographer Rob Schanz at Ocean Beach in San Francisco and features an image of stacked waves.

Note: At checkout, choose the Super Fleece blanket in yellow/charcoal or the Waves Super Fleece blanket in stone/waves or yellow/waves, all available in twin (base price), queen (+ $50), and king (+ $60) sizes. You’ll also have the option to add the Waves Super Fleece throw pillow sham (+ $14) in stone/waves or yellow/waves.

Rumpl Super Fleece Blanket
Rumpl Super Fleece Blanket
Rumpl Super Fleece Blanket

Model Options

Super Fleece – Yellow/Charcoal
Waves Super Fleece – Stone/Waves
Waves Super Fleece – Yellow/Waves
Waves Super Fleece Throw Pillow – Stone/Waves (+ $14)
Waves Super Fleece Throw Pillow – Yellow/Waves (+ $14)


  • Rumpl
  • Nanotex knit top
  • Silvadur-treated bottom
  • 3D hollow-fiber insulation
  • Machine washable


  • 62 x 84 in


  • 90 x 90 in


  • 108 x 90 in


  • 18 x 18 in


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Estimated ship date is July 17, 2017 PT.

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