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Rustico Executive Leather Padfolio

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If this could hold either a top bound *or* side bound notebook, I would have bought it.
Without stiff backing, it's not much of a portfolio. The leather and workmanship are very good. But it's too floppy to hand carry from meeting to meeting. Disappointed.
Got mine today! It's super nice and the "ocean" color is very close to the navy blue I really wanted. I was really worried because the photos looked grey-green.

I do wish the pen loop was in the fold and not outside the closed portfolio. I don't really want to put my nicest pens in the loop, which limits the utility of the product.
Can someone clarify if the pen loop issue is resolved? I.e. one is able to close the portfolio once a pen is inserted in the loop?
Just reading the comments from 19+ weeks ago . Can anyone confirm if some of the design issues with the pen loop have been addressed?
I got a Rustico Field Leather Notebook in saddle a couple months ago and have been waiting patiently for this drop. The leather is so fantastic and smells AMAZING. Had to get the larger version for my legal pads.

$30 bucks off MSRP from the start? Sign me up.
Hrm, finally got this in the mail. It definitely does not have the same smell as my smaller field notebook. This smells.... pretty gross actually. Sad :(
I know that there is a picture showing a Rhodia A4 pad with it, but is anyone able to confirm if it was actually hold the A4 pad?
Yes, a Rhodia A4 notepad will fit.
Has anyone been aware of the strong chemical smell? I have been trying to air it out since I got it.
OK, so I have had a play, and I have worked out that you need to roll the pen into the Portfolio pull a bit on the loop, roll it in between the folio, and it works out a lot better with little to-no problem. I think we are misinterpreting that the pen sits outside the folio.
I just got mine and I have to concur with Lostdog54. It's definitely designed for desktop use only. It's a nice chunk of Leather, well made, but, as Lostdog54 has commented, try to put a pen in the loop and try closing it! You can't even do it with a small Space-pen Bullet style pen. It's short closing by exactly the size of the pen, it's been designed to close without a pen and it's definitely a design flaw. This was not a cheapish item either.
Aesthetically pleasing but functionality is weak at best. To put that in the description is pitiful. Pick it up and you will know what I mean. First design flaw is the floppy leather used with little to no support while writing. Must have a hard surface or good luck. Try to fasten this padfolio with a pen in the loop and you will see another design flaw. I was looking forward to using this padfolio. Too bad. It's trash
This product just arrived and it's straight dog shit. It's nothing more than a floppy piece of leather. It is designed poorly. No stability for writing and the pen loop creates a problem when trying to close the portfolio with a thin pen in the loop. It's almost as if they never put a pen in it and tried to close it. Terrible product. Would not recommend or buy again. I see very little practical use for this portfolio. Nice leather and stitched well but big disappointment for work use. Less stability than a cardboard mead pocketed folder.
Does anyone own this in black? Would love too see it in black. The Saddle colour would be a runner up for me. Planning to buy this the next time it dropped because I don't have the extra US Cash right now.
The option to not have a notebook is sold out? How is that even a thing?
Thanks for flagging; this error has been corrected.
Ridiculous that this hasn't been delivered. Original ship date was 1/23. Here we are 3/8 and still no delivery. Please cancel my order immediately.
We're really sorry for the extreme delay here. I've flagged your request to our Community Support team, and someone should reach out to you soon.
Thanks Liz.