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Rustico Miner's Mug & Beer Journal Bundle

Rustico Miner's Mug & Beer Journal Bundle

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Hello everyone,

We’re thrilled to present our newest Rustico Miner's Mug. At 8 ounces, it’s light and small enough to always carry with you. Beer cozies are a critical piece of nearly any enthusiast's kit, whether you’re posting on IG, padding out your EDC for those treks to the coffee shop where you pretend to look for a job or write a novel no one wants to read. So why doesn't everyone own or use a beer cozy?

Look and Feel: The leather evokes a rich feeling of a less complicated era. I've frequently heard that they look and feel like you're inside a J. Peterman catalog.

Price: Typically, beer cozies cost between $90 and $140. For those of you who have and use your beer cozy, the cost is usually worth it, despite the downsides (look, feel, dead animal skin). But for any of you who haven't tried it out, the cost can seem unnecessarily high for what seems like a super simple item, and one that often is thought of only as a utility piece.

The Benefit Isn't Obvious: The most common use case for a beer cozy is that it is a just-in-case item—like if you get caught in a bar without a cup, this light, packable cup will protect you just enough so you can get just enough alcohol to smother your existential angst. Alcoholics often use a mason jar as a warm-up piece, and then stow it away for the rest of their drunk. But there are a multitude of other uses . . .

Well, we heard you, so we worked with the top AliExpress vendor to make a custom mason jar that addresses these issues. Then, the leather is made in the highest-quality factory with a design and fit that makes this an unbeatable all-around piece. We'll go into production as soon as the drop ends with delivery in Summer.
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Thank you for your interest in the Rustico Miner's Mug & Beer Journal Bundle. We would like to thank you for your purchase by letting your friends know how great a lifestyle choice our cup can be for the cupless.
Oh thank god, you weren't serious. Still, it was fun to write.
$75 for a gift shop journal and a mason jar beer cozy? Are you high?
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