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SainSmart Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

SainSmart Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Where's the price?
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3X AAA though...LAME.
I have the flir unit for my iphone, the first version, and other than sucking the battery up it works pretty well. Here's the cat sleeping. How does this Sain measure up? I can't imagine it's better for the price?

SainSmart: "Resolution: 32 x 32" Seek Compact (cheapest one): "206 x 156 Thermal Sensor" Something like Sain might be nice for cooking, though. Quicker, simpler.
Thanks my friend, I really want the SEEK SHOTPRO but it retails for $699, do you know anything comparable or someplace cheaper?. 699 is is a bit much for a toy. Not to mention trying to justify it to my better half, lol. Thanks.

  • Display: 2.0 color screen
  • Infrared image resolution: 32x32
  • Pixel: 1024
  • Measurement mode: Infrared focal plane temperature measurement
  • Measurement range: -20~300℃ (-4℉~ 572℉)
  • Measurement precision: ±2% /±2℃
  • Wavelength coverage: 8-11.5 um
  • Focusing mode: fixed
  • Color palette: iron oxide red and white glow
  • Power supply: 3x AAA alkaline battery (NOT included)
  • Working temperature: 0-50℃ (32℉~ 122℉)
  • Storage temperature: -20℃~ 50℃ (-4℉~ 122℉)
  • Size: 165 x 69 x 60 mm (6.5 x 2.72 x 2.36 inch)

  • Does not state how image is transferred if indeed it is at all.
  • Focus mode is what? 13mm, 5mm etc.?
Images can't be transferred, and the best focus mode is 15cm
brockhampton time 8)
Probably made for electronics, but could I use this to look for thermal leakage from my house? Does it have to be close range to focus, in other words?
Can this device see soldiers even when they've covered themselves in river mud and stay very still?
If it emits heat, it is seen. Not exactly a Flir 640 x 512 but probably good for electronics.
on the bay, $115 OBO.
I have a feeling this device is more of a 'for entertainment only' from an accuracy standpoint.
Please know that no IR camera is ready to point and click and give you an accurate temperature. There are a lot of things that have to be adjusted for to get an accurate temperature (emmissivity, tranmittance, reflected temperature, ambient temperature, distance, etc.). If these are properly adjusted for, the temperature is not accurate.
are not properly adjusted for*
Please please please tell me if this can image farts. I need to know.
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"Mortynight Run" (2.02)

"how can you tell when a Clown farts?" ?? "it smells FUNNY"
Can it see through walls?
Of course not. None of them can.
ahhhh it’s not a FLIR ?!
Uh oh, Chinese products are starting to show up here.
These are available from Ali Express for one dollar more any day of the week. And you'll have it before August 11th
Oh no you will NOT. Everything shipped from China takes 3 weeks - they ship a hundred packages in a big crate, which gets unpacked in the US and separated into individual packages that are transferred to the US Mail - and half the time it disappears and is never delivered.
Weird. Cause I have one... from Ali. You're arguing with a 6 month old comment on the lowest price, lowest quality thermal imager available, period. Hope you feel better.
This new "where's the price" gimmick is just that. A gimmick. We really don't need any guessing games here, and it looks to me like it's just a way of putting the pharmacy in the back of any drug store so you have to walk by all the products in the store just to get to what you actually came for.
The price is the second thing I look for, and if it's not there, I quickly, and I mean quickly, move on. This gimmick will end up having me lose interest in wanting to explore the item further.
Can the images be exported out of the device?