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SainSmart Micsig Differential Probe Kit

SainSmart Micsig Differential Probe Kit

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Test, Evaluate & Tinker With Your Oscilloscope

Designed for professionals and experts, the SainSmart high-voltage differential probe tests signals, switching power supplies, and more. Compatible with most oscilloscopes, the probe has a bandwidth capacity of up to 100 megahertz. It allows you to safely measure floating voltages in two different attenuation ranges: 200X for a max test voltage of 560 volts, and 2000X for a max test voltage of 5,600 volts. In addition to the probe, the kit comes with a handy carrying case that allows you to bring the device with you.


SainSmart High-Voltage Differential Probe Kit

  • Model number: 101-10-187
  • Maximum bandwidths allowed: 100MHz
  • Maximum differential test voltage (DC + peak AC): up to 1300V (DP10013), 5600V (DP20003)
  • Switchable attenuation: DP10013 (50X, 500X), DP20003 (200X, 2000X) 
  • Accuracy: ±2%
  • Max differential test voltage (DC+AC PK-PK): 560V (200X); 5600V (2000X)
  • Max input common mode voltage: 1000V CATIII
  • CMRR: >80dB (DC), >60dB (100KHz), >50dB (1MHz)
  • Input impedance: 50MΩ/1.25pF (differential), 25MΩ/2.5pF (single-ended to ground)
  • Output voltage: ≤3V
  • Overload alarm: Button light flashes
  • Power supply: DC 5V, USB supply
  • Power: 0.85 W
  • Input cable length: 23.6 in (60 cm)
  • Operating humidity: 10–85% RH
  • Storage humidity: 5–90% RH


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