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Samson MDR1064 Mixer

Samson MDR1064 Mixer

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10-Channel Mixer

The Samson MDR1064 is a full-featured compact mixer featuring an advanced circuit design that provides maximum dynamic range and transparent audio signal for both live and recorded music. With low-profile looks, this 10-channel mixer comes with six low noise microphone preamps, which, along with two other stereo inputs, feature a 3-band equalizer and two auxiliary sends. The unit also contains an eight segment stereo LED bar VU meter and plenty of connectivity options.

Samson MDR1064 Mixer

Additional Features

While uncommon on most mixers, the MDR1064 has rotary knob controls instead of faders. This feature helps prevent accidental changes in levels during live application, a common problem that can arise when using faders. The shelving on the equalizer is high shelf - 12kHz +/- 15dB , mid peaking - 2.5kHz +/-15dB, low shelf - 80Hz +/- 15dB, and low cut filter - 75Hz, 18dB. The mixer also has 105dB signal to noise ratio, excellent for professionals looking to clean up any hot signals from mic’d amplifiers, cabs, and drums. The MDR1064 has XLR and ¼ TRS line-level inputs, with post and pre individual mix levels, allowing you control any outboard effects such as delay or reverb.

Samson MDR1064 Mixer
Samson MDR1064 Mixer
Samson MDR1064 Mixer


  • (6) High quality microphone pre-amps with channel inserts
  • (2) Stereo channels
  • 3 band EQ on all channels
  • Dual auxiliary sends
  • 8-Segment stereo LED car VU meter


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