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Samson VR88 Velocity Ribbon Microphone

Samson VR88 Velocity Ribbon Microphone

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Ribbon Ceremony

In order to flatten out the spikiest high frequencies, ribbon microphones were invented with strong magnetic fields to provide a higher natural resonant frequency. Built with an aluminum ribbon and neodymium field that produce a warm, natural response from every part of the range, the Samson VR88 Velocity Ribbon Microphone is a bi-directional microphone that helps smooth out even the harshest sibilance.

Samson VR88 Velocity Ribbon Microphone
Samson VR88 Velocity Ribbon Microphone

Go Figure

As the microphone features a Figure-8 pickup pattern, it picks up your source audio from both the front and back, giving you more versatile recording options. To deliver consistently high output and stabilize source impedance, the VR88 is equipped with an FET amplifier and transformer. No matter if you’re setting up an acoustic guitar or simply singing straight into the mic, the high SPL rating lets you pick up what’s important. Finished off with die-cast construction, a shock mount, and a protective carry case, the Samson VR88 Velocity Ribbon Microphone gives you a deluxe mic with a wide range of applications.

Samson VR88 Velocity Ribbon MicrophoneSamson VR88 Velocity Ribbon Microphone

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  • Samson
  • 2.5 micron aluminum ribbon with a neodymium field
  • Bidirectional (Figure-8) pickup pattern
  • FET amplifier and transformer
  • Die-cast construction
  • Frequency response: 30 Hz - 16 kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 137 dB
  • 11.5 x 11.5 x 6.5 in (29.21 x 29.21 x 16.51 cm)
  • 6.75 lbs (3.06 kg)


  • Shock mount
  • Protective carry case


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Hi everyone, came across the review below that I thought people might find helpful. Thanks! "The VR88 is one of a number of new ribbons that have cropped up lately, and while it won't be replacing my trusty Royer, it definitely has its own character and is a flexible and durable "entry-level" ribbon. I use the term entry-level without any condescension, but only to illustrate how easy it is to screw up a ribbon mic, either by accident or blatant abuse. The VR88 is actually pretty tough and can withstand higher SPLs than most ribbons; I used this thing on a rock kick drum, and it weathered the beating admirably, and it sounded great! I would never subject my tender Royer to that kind of brutality. It's also phantom-powered (no more "did I just blow the ribbon again?") so you don't need a high-gain preamp. It comes with a massive spider-style shockmount, so it's a bit of a thug, really. Furthering its thuggish profile is the industrial design of the VR88, which is somewhere between that of a flattened RCA 77A and R2D2's mug shot. Like the CL2s, it has its own tough aluminum case, plus a cheapish-looking right-angle XLR cable (didn't trust the cable, but that's probably just my long-standing cable snobbery). For rock music, I really liked it on kick drum and bass amp; it seemed to consistently return an articulate and "tight" low end. I also noted exceptional results with it in front of an upright acoustic bass placed 3 ft from the bridge. Conversely, I didn't care for it as a vocal mic at all, as I found it a shade too dull-sounding and lacking in clarity. This may, however, be a result of a pronounced proximity effect, as I tend to record vocals up close, usually at distances of less than 10" away from the mic. If you are looking for a percussive or woody sound for acoustic guitars, the VR88 could work well here too; on the other hand, I generally prefer a brighter acoustic tone. If you're ribbon-curious, on a budget, and are into the droid look, pick one up."