Samsung 22" Curved Freesync Monitorsearch

Samsung 22" Curved Freesync Monitor

Samsung 22" Curved Freesync Monitor

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So 27" is + 170$ ? And how much would be shipping to Austria? Customs?

Because the 27" one is about 300 € if I remember correctly, and that premium upgrade price sure isn't that tempting
Looks like only 60
No Freesync range info?
I got the 27" version of this refurbished for $180, and while I love it, I'm not sure I would pay $300 for it.
$129.99 @ Amazon...

Also, can't stand glossy screens :-(
The sale is long over though now :( If this was about $70 cheaper I would totally go for it. That 27"
The screen isn't glossy. The back/stand/bezel are glossy. Display has a matte coating.
Does it come in different colours?
why would you want such a small curved monitor? It wouldn't make much of a difference.
I think these smaller curved monitors are for more targeted for multimonitor setups
How much is the shipping cost to Spain? Has DVI input?
So how much would it cost for shipping to Canada?
it can be a silly question but is it a ips or tn panel?
It is a VA (Vertical Alignment) panel. Many seem to think that IPS is the "best" panel, but really it's just the most well rounded. You don't rank these three as 1-2-3, but rather, more like rock-paper-scissors. Each panel has a strength that makes up for the weakness of another panel. For example:

TN has the best response times, worst viewing angles.
VA has the best contrast, worst response times.
IPS has the best viewing angles, but isn't the worst at any one thing.

TN is great for users on a budget as they can typically match up near spec-for-spec at a lower cost. They are also usually offered with the highest refresh rates at a given size/resolution before the other panels.

VA is great for movies/media consumption.

IPS is best for color critical work.

And each one is suitable for gaming for different reasons.
UK Buyers. This monitor is for sale at Currys/PC World for £119.99

Slightly cheaper. Free postage (No Customs) and no long delay in shipment.
New to massdrop. So if i join at $149 and enough people join to drop the price, do i also pay the lower price?
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Is this the 24 or 22inch? The title says 22 but the specs seem to have the 24inch dimensions
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This is a 22" (21.5" Viewable) Curved Monitor.
They probably measured straight length, whereas this would most likely represent the curved length (you could still be right though).
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