Samsung 256GB Micro SDXC EVO+ 100MB/ssearch

Samsung 256GB Micro SDXC EVO+ 100MB/s

Samsung 256GB Micro SDXC EVO+ 100MB/s

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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

massdrop has great prices on everything but computer electronics, i wonder why?
is there any rhyme or reason to these so called 'massdrop' deals? is anyone at massdrop actually taking the time (or care) to check if these items are worth purchasing here and not anywhere else? maybe the price on here drops further the more people 'join'? maybe I'm missing or not understanding something here...
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I emailed massdrop about this. This is what they said: What those 'price points' are who knows. I also asked them how many people need to join to reach the next lowest price point. No answer yet... Asha S (Massdrop Community Support) Nov 28, 3:24 PM PST Hi , Welcome to Massdrop and thanks for reaching out to our Community Support. My name is Asha and I am happy to help you with your request. Massdrop is unique compared to other online retailers. When members place an order on our site, they are joining a group buy. We refer to these as "drops." Drops are typically active between 7-10 business days, during which time members are free to join. Drops will often feature different price points that can be unlocked depending on how many members participate. After a drop ends or is no longer active, our system captures the payment from each member who joined. Shortly after that, we place the group's bulk order directly with the vendor. Once the orders are ready, the vendor will either ship directly to our members, or ship to our warehouse where we will prepare the individual shipments. I hope this helps! Feel free to click here for more detailed information about how our process works! Feel free to reach out to us if you have additional questions or concerns! Best Regards, Asha   For a complete list of our policies and FAQ, please visit the Help Center!

follow up: Asha S (Massdrop Community Support) Nov 29, 9:45 AM PST Hello again,  The answer to all your questions is that it depends on what we're able to negotiate with the vendor. Each drop is negotiated separately with the vendors, so the various price points and how many people are required to drop down to those price points are different depending on what we negotiated with the vendors.   I hope this answers all your questions. Best Regards, Asha   For a complete list of our policies and FAQ, please visit the Help Center!

The 256 EVO Select which is the exact same as the EVO Plus, except for the name, is going for 44.99 on Amazon.
There should be a special class of comment on MD which is "Price Challenge" - to save the community having to come in a read the numerous - "this is cheaper elsewhere comment". Would place a visible flag/icon on the main product page - a red triangle or similar clear warning to buyers! Listing items which are not a deal simply wastes time, and causes friction when a community member realized they did not get a deal. Which in turn reduces MD's reputation, and potentially loses community members. So it is in MD's interest to eliminate these.
yes, this. great idea..or something similar. As it is I'm not confident in purchasing from here knowing some things might or might not be more inexpensive or easier to obtain than from massdrop. especially if I'm a non-US customer. saves time and effort.
ho hum speeds. I need UHS-II that hits at least 185mbs write.
It's cheaper on amazon, for the exact same product...
I just a 256 gb card from Amazon for about $60, they knocked off $5 with a credit.
60 bucks on Amazon
I just bought this thing the other day on Bonanza for $37. I love MassDrop but don't waste your money.
This appears to be the same one that sells for $57 on Amazon. MB-MC256GA
good luck recording 4k with such a slow card. To get 4k of decent quality you pretty much are going to need UHS II. Or if UHS I it has to be damn fast. Like twice as fast.
Great buy
Once again, cheaper literally everywhere else.
also false advertising, "write speeds up to 100mb" ... but in specs, only read is 100mb, write max 90mb. This means no 4k recording in a lot of cameras.
lol, this is cheaper literally everywhere else.
$61.90 on Amazon with prime. Am I missing something here?
  • Model: MB-MC256GA
  • Samsung 10 year limited warranty
10 year warranty on Amazon as well. Same model number. Shipping time and return policy much better.
$74.75 free shipping one day on Amazon Prime right now
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"Third party seller so of course it may very well be a fake. Never buy memory from unknown sources to save a few bucks, you'll get burned more often than not. "
This is absurd, all Amazon orders are backed by Amazon customer support whom I trust far more (orders of magnitude more) than Massdrop given Massdrop's routine shipping delays.
You're more than safe getting the product on amazon.
Hate to break this to you, but counterfeit and 'hacked' cards are very common on Amazon. There have been innumerable 'fly by night' sellers who sell a few thousand cards before getting banned. Amazon doesn't seem to have any practical way to stop this. It is true that Amazon will issue refunds for fake cards, but who wants to deal with that along with the risk of losing data? I'm not saying that MD prices or operations are in any way dandy, but just pointing out that this is a problem area for Amazon.
$75 on Amazon
This is not a bad price and you do have to worry about grey market items on Amazon. The Amazon equivalent to this is actually called the EVO Select and is just the same card rebranded for Amazon's distribution. The 256gb card is going for $94 right now with the full warranty. I'm still going to order it from Amazon because I'll have it in two days...
I'll be the first to slam MD's weak sauce drops (and often do) but people need to compare like to like when claiming "No deal here!".
While some of you may have the OPINION that there's no difference between slightly older versions and/or North American vs European version, etc. there is.
Right now on B&H this card is $179.99. On Amazon it's $94.99 and that's from one of the gazillion sellers that use Amazon as their marketplace.
And don't use the "Amazon will cover you" story. If the card fails within the first 30 days, Amazon will take it back (if they fulfilled it - read very carefully). After that or if not fulfilled by Amazon, they will point you to the OEM and seller. That's where you're screwed.
Could you elaborate on the difference between the versions? Is the drop advertising a new or old card? I'm looking to buy this card from the drop because this comes directly from samsung (don't want to risk a fake card). Also any idea if this the Evo + or Evo Plus? The description and picture show different ones
I think you should post a new comment directed to MD. I'm just another consumer.
Guys please be ADVISE! The Samsung Micro SD card that I bought from AMAZON had an invalid serial number when registering with my Samsung account. It stated: " Possible reasons for the error include serial/IMEI number is not valid, product is older than 3 years, product was purchased outside the U.S " A lot of the vendors from Amazon does say "by Samsung," however always check the right side of the page to make sure who is the actual seller
(edit) I made sure it the suffix was - AM
B & H selling for 88$ ... I thought massdrop was supposed to have deals?!
That is the older model with 90MB read speed instead of 100MB
This card is $30 less in Amazon so WHY!? Why, Why, why!!!?
Is this card the TF card I need for the xDuoo20 player I just purchased?
Oh com'on MD, you can do better than this! $98 bucks on Amazon for the exact same model (MB-MC256GA).
That's the EU model. You can't claim warranty in the US. You're dice rolling when you shop on Amazon for Samsung SD cards. There a risk for counterfeit card. MD gets it from Samsung. Good luck if you're thinking about buying it from Amazon.
Same warning about the US warranty would apply here, no? Not going to buy either now, but for the record, the US version is still cheaper then what MD is offering here. Not to mention Amazon has a liberal return policy. Cant say the same about MD....
Just sayin....
Yes what the point? It's far cheaper around.
Only $85.96 with free shipping on
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Looks like you wasted your money and you want others to follow suit
"And you know what to do if the euro version fails? Send it back to amazon and they’ll take care of you. How do I know this? Because it’s exactly what I did. They sent me a new one before they had even received the old one back and threw in a free month of prime for the hassle. "
If it failed within the first 30 days. After that Amazon will point you to the seller for warranty.