Samsung 34-Inch (3440 x 1440p) 100Hz Curved Monitorsearch

Samsung 34-Inch (3440 x 1440p) 100Hz Curved Monitor

Samsung 34-Inch (3440 x 1440p) 100Hz Curved Monitor

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This isn’t even a good price... I wouldn’t even recommend this model over their qled one
$800 is a great price ;)
Interesting, I just bought this monitor from Amazon Friday, was delivered Sunday (yesterday) for $738 and love it.
Why does it have to be white? WWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????!!!!!!
You can't just ask a monitor why it's white..
The bezel and base are actually a silver color, the back, the arm going up to the back and the wires are white. But yea, not the bezel and base, the things you actually see 90% of the time.

This was actually frustrating to me because I bought it in part because I thought it was white.
Does it ship to Canada?
$699 is a good price don't get me wrong, but I feel like the the suggested normal price of $999 is misleading. Amazon has this monitor for $749 right now, only $50 more, and the most expensive place I have found it is directly from Samsung for $949. $699 is still the best price around but I felt mislead after reading that.
$999 was the launch MSRP, since being reduced to $949 (and as you've noted, other retailers are heavily discounting it).

I bought one on release, but sent it back. It had two major flaws for me.

1. Out of box gamma was horribly low, making everything appear washed out, destroying any contrast benefits that the VA panel offers. Gamma was measured as 1.8 with an i1 Display Pro. Yes, you can correct via calibration (creates an ICC profile), but there are plenty of applications that bypass the profile. You'd want the gamma to be at least ballpark close out of the box (2.2 is ideal, 2.0-2.4 is acceptable).

2. FreeSync range out of the box is 80-100hz. You can set it in the menu to an expanded range (44-100hz IIRC), but this range causes flickering, hence why it's not the default/only option.

So long as you can play the gamma lottery (return/exchange until you get a good one), and you don't plan to actually use FreeSync, then this is an acceptable monitor. But it was a hard pass for me.
just buy the massdrop vast instead it has an identical panel, freesync as well and a far better stand as well as being $100 less
I've bought exactly this monitor in november (when I sold part of bitcoin I had), and I'm very satisfied since then. I had LG IPS 23" full HD before it and this Samsung is completely new era. Much better colors, much better black (although I've expected more black, because I'm spoiled by Samsung AMOLED screen on my phone). Much more screen space on this one. I no longer use maximize on windows. Now I usually have two or more windows side by side. And in games this is total difference.

HOWEVER! There are games that have real problems with such width. Like Assassins Creed IV Black Flag - big dissapointment, the game does not support such large resolution. On the other hand Lara Croft is now brutal experience on this screen. (Tomb Raider)

Big disappointment was my Radeon HD 7970 graphic card, which does not support FreeSync in computer games (only in video). So I cannot tell how FreeSync works on this monitor. Yet. I'm waiting to buy new graphics card when they become available for reasonable prices.

100 Hz is however very notable difference compared to 60 Hz I had before. When game runs smoothly on 60 FPS or higher, I don't feel much difference. But when game suddenly drops to 35, or 25 FPS then it is big difference between 60 Hz monitor and 100 Hz monitor. On 100 Hz the picture tearing is spoiling the experience much less than on 60 Hz.

The biggest difference is while watching movies. Now I see details that I didn't see before and whole screen makes much more cinematic experience.

Monitor has headphone jack near its left side (from the back) and it is close enough to plug in standard headphones that comes with mobile phone to listen through them. As default connection is displayport which supports sound with picture, one cable is enough for both video and audio. Speakers in the monitor are much better than speakers in my laptop, or speaker in my phone, however, any decent computer speakers are much better than these.

Some monitor settings does not make much sense for me, like "Eye saver mode", "Game mode", "Response time" - I don't see them making picture better. However one setting very pleasantly supprised me: "Sharpness" - it is antialiasing built right into monitor and you can set how aggressive it should go. Or push it other way and make edges more visible and more edgy. It works very well and I can set antialiasing to lower level while using it and still have nice round edges of objects in games. Very useful.

I had to reorganize my desk to accomodate such large screen. And also its stand is larger than I anticipated.

I thought my wife will hate this monitor as she doesn't like large screens, but she got used to it very quickly and I never heard from her any complaint about size of this monitor.

I totaly recommend it to anyone considering to buy it. (I've bought mine during black friday or cyber monday sales for 625 €)
Upgrade your GPU and your experience will get better still. That HD 7970 really doesn't have the power to push a 34 in 1440p.
Size doesn't matter with GPUs being able to run games. Just the resolution.
I am most definitely looking forward to this drop! ^_^
No VESA mount? What year is this?
Edit: There totally is a VESA mount... NVM me nothing to see here.
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Very cool! I bet you will love it. Samsung is killing it with these monitors with qled imo.
They sure are, i've been following ~34" UW screens for nearly 2 years waiting on a decent price/value. I took home a LG-29UM67 to try it out and I was pretty disappointed with the height. It was smaller than my standard 27" monitor. At the same time, I knew with some extra height and a curve it would be absolutely incredible! Can't wait!
A really solid review from someone who has compared a lot of monitors.

Amazon is currently selling this for only $50 more. I'll have mine next week
Tax is over $54 on amazon. That brings it up to $804.36. I think I'm fine with waiting a week.
Depends on your state