Samsung 49-Inch QLED HDR 144hz Gaming Monitorsearch

Samsung 49-Inch QLED HDR 144hz Gaming Monitor

Samsung 49-Inch QLED HDR 144hz Gaming Monitor

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As intel would say, it’s just 2 27 inch monitors glued together
I skipped past this and got a Dell IPS 27" 4k with factory calibrated color for half the price. I would have rather spent more time to find something more esoteric and interesting. Like a 4k production monitor or something wide like this, but not a pitiful 1080 tall. But with my old Asus 2k display kaput, I cannot get anything done!
I have this monitor and can say it is way more fun to game on it than on the 4k monitor I had before.
Paying double price for half of a 4k display.

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Said on the spot at work so yeah haha. And from 60 to 144hz not many people could tell if it was locked and they've never played either before. It would be until they've played both for a pretty good while, then they couldn't go back.
Agreed. Linus had them play both and at FIRST they said they couldn't tell a difference...then they went back to 144hz from 240hz and when they looked at the scores, their scores were consistenly lower on the 144hz and it was REPORDUCIBLE in the scores, even though they didn't feel like they could see it the scores told the story.

Admittedly, you have to have a certain level of skill, a damm good video card, a good internet connection etc. before this will present itself.....

This is why i was pretty clear in my original post that this is probably genre specific, and only impacts games at insane high speeds (jet flighter like) such as Quake and racing sims....although evidently it is also a big deal even in games which are in "slow motion" relatively speaking (to quake and racing) such as CS Go
Honesty, I request it and when its available we can't ship it to you... Anyway the custom fees must be expensive for this monitor.
Not sure the rules on link sharing, but Beach Camera has this on sale for $899 directly through their site and on Newegg.
I believe the consensus among most is that even with the massdrop discount, this was still priced to high. A g-sync monitor would be a much better deal than this even at 899. My buy in point is 799 max.
At 144hz, Gync is only borderline needed can def do without it.
I think if this drop to around $750-$800 it will be worth, since it is only 1080p. Thoughts anyone? What would be a good deal price?
Its big enough to be 2 monitors in 1 and it half price right now.
I just have a question about the return policy of this drop. I hope and suspect that if I get this I will fall in love with the monitor, but due to it being so different and rather crazy I realize there is a more than unlikely chance that it isn’t what I’m looking for. I just want to know that if I use it for a week and hate it if I can return it either to Samsung or massdrop for a refund.
You will not want to return it. I just don't think that's possible!
Okay. Thanks
bought this for 850 on amazon today. 2 day shipping and cheaper so....
I have the Samsung 34" Curved Ultrawide QDot on an 8'1" Ikea Karlby counter top desk and love it. I can get this 49" for free (work benefit) but they stretch the image to fill the screen on games, so I opted not to go with it. That said, if you are looking for a great picture or a way to "one and done" your work space, this is a fantastic monitor.... Gaming, not so much.

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:) I am the Commercial Sales Mgr at a Ram dealership and Chrysler offers really cool rewards if you hit objectives.
The monitor you see in the picture is my 34” Samsung QDot which I got for free. you see all the other stuff in the picture? That’s what my “free“ monitor cost me:)
Don't many racing Sims allow you to also stretch the field of view out? Running 3x monitors gets to be a pita for racing games to get the side views.

You are right...not worth it if you can't simulate multi-monitor field of view....
ive seen this monitor for around the asking price (899) so this isn't that great of a deal /: