Samsung 55/65/75" Q8FN QLED Smart 4K UHD TV (2018)search

Samsung 55/65/75" Q8FN QLED Smart 4K UHD TV (2018)

Samsung 55/65/75" Q8FN QLED Smart 4K UHD TV (2018)

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Howdy Everyone,

Please take notice to the Note section on the drop description page that states the following:

The products offered on this drop are brand-new US goods, never opened, and will have a full warranty with Samsung. See below for registration and warranty information.

Please make sure you address information is correct and that you are providing a valid phone number for delivery purposes.

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I need glasses...
A few of us ordered 75" on the July 8th drop. Our order status is still says order placed with vendor and the shipping date was July 25th. Any update on when those will be able to get shipped out?
I've been wondering why I haven't received a call to setup delivery so I called TeamTrac and gave them my tracking number. Apparently they had all zero's for my phone number and therefore couldn't schedule it! I read that other people had this same issue previously.
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Same here. I called both the shipping company’s main office and the local one (that’s what the guy at the main office told me to do). Still haven’t received a call. I called back a little bit ago and the woman at the main office said there’s no way I called the local office because they would have set up the delivery. Really not impressed. I probably won’t be using Massdrop again.
Confirmed - I had the same issue. I called TeamTrac to resolve.
what happens if the tv shows up and does not work?
if reported within 3 days, can be replaced promptly?
or need to wait another month?
The people that were on the July 8th drop did you receive your tvs? Just want to make sure everything is legit before I join the current drop.
Not yet. My 75" order finally updated to an estimated delivery date of 08-08, although per Massdrop it was out of the ordinary for it to take this long due to someone driving a truck into a lake.
"It features LG’s new Ambient Mode, which lets you input information about the room environment to help it blend in seamlessly with its surroundings, so you’ll barely even notice it’s there."

Considering this is a Samsung TV, not LG, I'm sure that's a mistake.
Is there still no update on the 75”?
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Same problem with my Kronos. But if you use this site you can track the order:

Mine is still in the "REQUESTED" status which technically means it hasn't shipped. Still not happy.
That works. Thanks! Hope yours gets shipped out soon.
Any update on whether this will actually ship today? (75")
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Yes, I received a reply last night. They said that they understand this was supposed to have shipped already , and they have flagged this for their logistics team and they will be looking into it shortly.
“Because of how most drops are structured, we depend on our vendors/suppliers to send out products on the agreed upon time. While in the majority of cases this works out, delays on a given drop or shipment can happen for a number of reasons.”
I just got that same email reply a couple minutes ago. Not much info to go on there unfortunately.
Did anyone else purchase this drop (july 8th)? I wonder If anyone has any update? My account states order placed with vendor.
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purchased the 75 as well. Anxiously waiting for some information.
I’m try to order the Q9 how are the 65 inch shipped, do you get to schedule deliver?
Is there sales tax for TX?