Samsung 65/75" Q9FN Series QLED 4K UHD TV (2018)search

Samsung 65/75" Q9FN Series QLED 4K UHD TV (2018)

Samsung 65/75" Q9FN Series QLED 4K UHD TV (2018)

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Has anyone ever had difficulty registering their Samsung tv purchased through Massdrop or Greentoe? Does Samsung accept the registration despite the lower than Samsung approved price?
We register your warranty for you. So, no worries.
Still wondering about people’s experience in registering if purchased through Greentoe. Haven‘t decided whether to go Massdrop or Greentoe. I worry about longer waits getting through Massdrop.
Ok, question for anyone that got this TV from this drop. I received a status update on the purchase, says it was shipped through KRONOS (shipping company) and they provided me with a tracking number, unfortunately it does not provide any information about the shipment. Anyone else with the same problem?
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I don't think they were careless, well at least bringing it into my house, everything was careful. So I'm not sure where the actual damage occurred. It got shipped via FedEx.
I appreciate all the information from you and jaypr. I look forward to hearing that Massdrop came through for you and resolved things. jaypr: good suggestion on the Samsung account. I also have an account and may do the same as you. Since there was no obvious damage for marcz, I will try to keep the delivery company here until I can turn on the tv to confirm no broken screen! I have the e-mail saying the tv shipped but have yet to get a delivery call - but not really expecting one until next week.
I have heard that the Q9FN is backordered and this drop is being cancelled. Can you please confirm status and provide update on delivery?
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I was on the previous drop and was expecting shipping to commence Aug 31st. I have heard nothing from Massdrop customer service. My credit card was charged as well.
Now I understand. I hope the shipment for this latest drop is on time. Assuming things progress I'll post an update and I hope you will do the same.
Is this tge exact same model as variations? Does it have a warranty? Samsung lists it fir 5400..the slash price here starts at 3800

This is legit.

They are the latest 2018 US Models directly from Samsung. They are brand new and never opened. You will have full warranty and support from Samsung.

We are selling at the following prices.

Samsung 65-Inch QN65Q9FNAFXZA  - $2699.99 - MSRP $3799.99 - Current Market Price - $3299.99
Samsung 75-Inch  QN75Q9FNAFXZA - $4399.99 - MSRP $5999.99 - Current Market Price - $5499.99

Cannot say anything about the delivery or return policy here. (I wound up getting my 75" model online since I fell between two separate drops, unfortunately.) What I can say is that this television is amazing. After I dialed in some recommended settings, I knew I made the right purchase. The set is simply incredible. And no burn in! Ever! (The way I watch and pause TV, I just could not risk investing in an OLED model.)
Amazon has this for 3298$ with15% cash back for prime members, which brings it down to 2800$ but with 30 days return policy (confirmed with customer care).
Just received mine yesterday. Sadly the screen was cracked. So much for the anticipation of waiting all this time.
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How was this handled? I am in the same situation.
I returned the TV in the same box I received it. They sent me a shipping label and my replacement was sent right after they received the old one. It took about a 2 week process. The replacement is in good condition.
Is this a brand new TV or is it a refurbished/open box one. Is this being purchased and shipped from Samsung? I was on Samsung's chat and they said that they may not honor the warranty if it is not purchased on an authorized site, which this is not. So who do you contact if you have a problem or want to return it?
also when does the drop end? Does it end at a certain time?
Sorry I missed your post Tim.
Drops in Tech usually run for 5 days. On the drop description page it shows you how many days are left on a drop.
Also these are 100% new, please see my other post about this.
Would like to join drop, but would like to know shipping carrier/delivery (not ship) ETA to MA. Upcoming holidays could cause a problem, would not take chance of $2700 sitting outside the door. Any guidance is deeply appreciated.
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You must be home in order to sign for the delivery. They will not leave it at your doorstep.
How does the shipping work exactly, is there a delivery time scheduled and would they bring this upstairs if I live in split unit house? I want to join this drop, but this is my first one and I am just nervous on the shipping. I understand they will not set up or install, I’m just trying to make sure that they are not going to just drop it I’m my drive way once I sign for it. Please let me know ASAP so I can join, thanks.