Samsung 860 EVO 2.5-Inch SATA III SSD Drivessearch

Samsung 860 EVO 2.5-Inch SATA III SSD Drives

Samsung 860 EVO 2.5-Inch SATA III SSD Drives

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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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How come on every other site we see SSD prices plummet, but not on MD where it supposed to be the cheapest..
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That makes sense but unfortunately it seem to goo against the core idea behind MD by getting the absolute lowest price possible on the item. Of course other sites could be selling under in the absolute minimum buying price (aka vendor "xyz" is losing money on sale) and here MD has no way of compensating of the lose by increasing other prices since "everything" is sold at cost (± a few bucks). There really is no way to tell unless MD shared what their buying price is which would give us a good idea; however, there's no way for us to compare it with other vendors buying price.
The likes of Newegg and Amazon have a lot more clout with manufacturers, the volume passing through them is just huge, so they can negotiate much lower prices than MD ever can on this sort of mass consumer goods.
Newegg has been having the 500gb version for under 100 bucks frequently lately.
New egg has 1tb ssd right now for 179 usd.
How is this a good deal? The bulk buy should eb saving us money. I dont know why i keep checking this page. They have been cheaper than this for months? Everyone please do a quick search before committing. Others have already posted links to cheaper pricing and less wait.

Same comments from 4 weeks ago also.
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Agreed. This constant paltering without straight facts pertaining to the drop are really ruining any kind of reputation for the company and the whole concept of group buys. People are catching on and soon MD will have no customers left.
I told you a while ago, your place is in politics. You excel at paltering.
Looking at Samsung's website and the only drive that is cheaper here than at Samsung is the 1TB drive, all other drives are either cheaper at Samsung or the same price (2TB is $399 on both sites).
Please check that we are selling the commercial models here. Please compare apples to apples.
Weren't you the one to say that if the drive has exact same parts, made on the same factory, to the same specifications, then it's the exact same drive? Commercial = consumer grade Samsung SSD following your logic, model number differences notwithstanding.
A+ for effort but C- for pricing, it is still cheaper elsewhere and no waiting

All signs point to SSDs getting cheaper and cheaper well into 2019.
MZ-76E1T0E model number. Not consumer grade.
Inside they are all the same, made on the same factory from the same exact parts, following the same manufacturing process. Per B.Hutch, it means it's the same exact drive, even if the name is different. You want to pay extra for dubious honor of having "commercial" grade without any actual performance, warranty or service upgrades, be my guest. Not to mention, you gonna have to wait a while after PAYING for this thing here as opposed to having it shipped to you immediately from Amazon or BHP
199 on newegg right now for 1 tb version
$178 right meow.
Another Massdrop that can be had cheaper elsewhere. Why do they even bother posting these without checking if cheaper elsewhere??? I think Massdrop has lost their ability to buy in enough bulk to make it cheaper or they just don't care to try and hope they get a few people to buy what they post regardless of it costing more here. This may be the end of me and Massdrop, waste of time any more to look at postings just to find it overpriced.
I can quite literally get *all* of these for cheaper on other websites with free shipping...
I can get a recent model Crucial MX for the same capacity from Newegg and much cheaper than this drop. Even including the international shipping fee.

And I can get it much quicker too.

This is a hard pass.
Just terrible, you aren't checking your prices, aren't you?
Not buying here, ever, anything.