Samsung 860 EVO 2.5-Inch SATA III SSD Drivessearch

Samsung 860 EVO 2.5-Inch SATA III SSD Drives

Samsung 860 EVO 2.5-Inch SATA III SSD Drives

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Same price on Amazon Prime for the 500gb version!!

And $10 CHEAPER for the 2 TB version!!!!! LOL Massdrop, what a joke...
As others have stated, this deal is cheaper elsewhere. At $250 for 1tb, it's a decent deal, however it goes on sale occasionally for cheaper. So unless you want it relatively soon, might just be better to wait it out for a sale.
Except for the 1TB, all of the sizes are currently the same price on Newegg:

So unless you really want a 1TB drive, may as well buy through newegg and have a much better return policy.
These are cheaper on Tiger Direct right now. I just got this email this morning.
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I just realized that in order to get this deal you had to get the emai
Can you PM me the URL from the email you got? Perhaps it will work
For some reason it is cheaper to buy 500gb model from a local shop than mass drop + shipping. And I get local warranty as a bonus!
Why is the 500GB cheaper than the 250GB?
Yeah, I think the 250GB was supposed to be -$175, not -$75.
You can get this same SSD FASTER for LESS PRICE at Amazon right now.
Was just about to post this
Sadly the 1TB ones are out of stock at the moment.
Horrible deal. One cannot assume Massdrop is giving you a good deal especially for computer parts. Clothes, Audiophile stuff there are some gems there... but I rarely see nice prices for electronics and computer gear on massdrop... These two areas are where prices fluctuate so much that massdrop usually can't compete.
Cannot agree with you anymore. The audiophile deals are what made massdrop so great.
This is not a drop this is the regular price. Samsung SSD's are excellent though.
2TB and 4TB are cheaper here then regular price. 4TB is even cheaper on amazon
But its 142$ on Amazon
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I'm from Israel, from Amazon all the way to us its 170$ (Shipping is 7.6$ and tax is included), so not really a good deal here even for us.
i purchase worldwide from amazon at better prices than this.

Massdrop is now full of no-deals
Why is massdrop listing "drops" at retail value? There's been some awesome deals and stuff in the past but this has been driving me away