Samsung 860 PRO 2.5" SATA III Internal SSD Drivessearch

Samsung 860 PRO 2.5" SATA III Internal SSD Drives

Samsung 860 PRO 2.5" SATA III Internal SSD Drives

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I thought the point was for it to be cheaper than what you can get on Amazon or most sites?? Confused!
really? at this price when 870 pro 512 sells for less than 200?

860 pro has problems compared to the 870 EVO as well and is about the same in all performance as the 860 EVO, let alone the 970 EVO (which is 2x to 4x faster than the 870 EVO).

All you are paying for in the pro lineup are features that 99% of users won't even need. That last 1% are c-levels at corporations, and they should spend the extra cash to get a 970 Pro anyways as there are substantial performance advantages to a 970 Pro over an 860 Pro.

This is not a good deal, anyone looking at this would be better off getting a 970 EVO in almost any situation.
have you tried the pro and evo in comparison except just looking at the specs? i have been using evos and pros at work for 5 years now and the the computers are the same. except the for the hard drive. the the pro ones work faster and last a lot longer
Newegg has the 512 model for 209.00
Only the 256mb is cheaper than Amazon (by $3.00) while all other sizes are considerably cheaper on Amazon. Glad they are on here but no real incentive to buy unfortunately.
"SSD Drive"
Solid State Drive Drive
Useless drop. Cheaper on Newegg!
Very surprised I got an email from New Egg the other day they were selling the Samsung. Pro Drive cheaper then what I paid. But the kicker that really surprised me was their every day price was cheaper then what I paid and that is the Pro drive that I am talking about.
If you're buying for capacity, there are plenty of cheaper options. If you're buying for performance, there are the 970 drives at the same price with MUCH faster read and write speeds as well as superior endurance... unless your "performance" is limited by the lack of M.2 or PCIE slots. SATA is pretty much the limiting factor for SSDs these days, almost every brand can max it out these days.
Note to Massdrop:
I hope you can manage to have these Samsung 860 PRO SSD drops regularly, so that I can purchase another one
when my finances will allow. Unfortunately, that's not the case for this particular drop (sad emoji).
Yep, you should see these drop every 4/5 weeks so no worries.
What's difference between MZ-76P1T0E and MZ-76P1T0BW?
I've just noticed when I went through some searching :

EDIT : According to url, it says business, so I'm assuming basically one is E=enterprise and BW=consumer version. But still, in terms of specs, I don't see any difference between those two.
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MZ-76P1T0E mentions NAS, perhaps it has the very expensive 'time-limited error recovery (TLER)' bit set in the firmware ( - that, along with 1000byte KBs, has to be the biggest ripoff around.
Oh, and Enterprise devices usually have higher profit margins...
Feel like there are some strange comments around this drive and its pricing. This is meant for a specific audience who wants great long-term write endurance with pretty much the best performance you can get from a SATA-III connection. If you are not in that audience, you are right you should be using another drive.

For an insane amount of detail about these drives, read this:

For someone like me who still has hard-drives from 10+ years ago running in my build, I appreciate a drive that will survive even as the boot drive gets replaced to faster alternatives.
Thank you sir for you post. Not only is the intended use of this type of drive different due to its extended lifespan vs standard EVO drives it also out performs by a decent amount. If you look past the specs and look at real world benchmarks on PRO vs EVO it helps to see that the pro series is for sure the superior drive in almost every way.
effective speed - 3% faster.
Not to pile on, but this is not even remotely a good deal. I can pick up a TB now for $200.
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i completely agree. But for me at least, the price difference is outrageous compared to the spec bump. It’s negligable enough that I’m not even sure why I’d want that for the price and I edit 4K video.