Samsung  960EVO NVMe M.2 SSD Drivesearch

Samsung 960EVO NVMe M.2 SSD Drive

Samsung 960EVO NVMe M.2 SSD Drive

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I'm surprised B.Hutch didn't come up with a reason for why this drive is better than an equally priced, better performing 970 evo available for immediate shipping on Amazon, newegg and so on lol

The 970 EVO is the same price and is significantly better performance and newer. This isn't much of a deal.
Amazon has the 970 EVO for the same price. Glad I looked.
Amazon has the 970evo for the exact same price, don't waste your money.
They're cheaper on Amazon.
Is it just me or there's no mention of 60mm or 80mm ?

Whats weirder is that the Dell XPS 13 9360 only accepts 60mm but the compatibility check on Amazon says this model on MD will fit...
All the Samsung NVMe drives are 2280 form factor.
Thanks. That means it will not fit the XPS 13 (9360) model.
wish it was 500GB this is barely enough.
They're offering 500 and 1T as well...choose after you click the join drop button. $170 for the 500, which is currently about the going price (which could change tomorrow, and again the next day...).
There is a 500GB 970 evo for $150 on slick deals. No reason to join this drop at all.

I made a post on this EXACT drop 8 weeks ago... they are still trying to ship this sub par product as a deal!

As of Aug 15 on amazon these are all almost cheaper.
The 250GB on Massdrop is $94.99 and wait a month - Amazon $100.33 -
The 500GB on MassDrop $169.99 and wait a month - Amazon $168.90 -
The 1TB on Massdrop is $319.99 and wait a month - Amazon $298.98 -


The MUCH improved version of this Samsung drive (970 EVO ) is only slightly more and still get it a lot faster.
250GB - $107.99 -
500GB - $179.99
1TB - $349.99
2TB - $744.38 (just showing Samsung expanded on this product due to its success.)

Please pass on this drop... it only lets Massdrop keep treating us like idiots and pushing bad deals and great ones to people who may not know. I'm starting to like using cars as a comparison for people.

It is like if you went to a car dealer and wanted to buy a car and they show you last years model that is not a bad car, but the brand new one which is undeniably better in every way and it is CHEAPER, but they keep pushing the old car to you saying you are getting a great deal... how would you feel about that dealership?
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the problem is that Massdrop is based in San Francisco, so they have to make enough profit to support the absurd commercial rent prices, and high cost of living for it's employees.
That does sound like it would create a remarkable increase in the baseline upkeep.

I don't know how to substantiate your claim, the reality, or any list of pros and cons. I'm just vaguely familiar with the idea of living/operating space costing an arm and a leg in certain places, like big Cali cities.

The people of the world (specifically NOT the world itself) are rather averse to transparency in these matters. Ipsa scientia potestas est.
A whole 5 dollars cheaper than Amazon! POGGERS

Except it's at your door in 2 days vs. however long it will take to get these delivered.....

Not to mention the 970 being just $10 more than this for the latest version of these M.2 ssds
True ...for 1TB, Amazon is even cheaper, asking $300 vs $95+$225=$320!

A valid point for 970 too.
Again with the non-deal SSD's. Equal/cheaper other places with faster shipping, same song and dance we've done for awhile now.

With the NAND shortage that's been going on for nearly 2 years we're likely not going to see anything better on this site until the market gets oversupplied. Next 6 months to 1 year we should see prices dropping, but right now it's just not worth it.
seriously. you can get the 960 or 970 on Amazon with Prime shipping for cheaper.
So many drops recently have been cheaper elsewhere. It's getting annoying.
Came here to note Microcenter is offering the same price today. $5 Cheaper if you get a motherboard too.