Samsung  960EVO NVMe M.2 SSD Drivesearch

Samsung 960EVO NVMe M.2 SSD Drive

Samsung 960EVO NVMe M.2 SSD Drive

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Massdrop: Don't do drops on storage drives or graphics cards. They are always bad drops.
Memory and consequently graphics cards are short on supply right now and can’t get below msrp. Due to that I’m inclined to agree. Until there isn’t a global shortage and a Good deal is possible I think MASSDROP should stay away from both graphics cards and memory.
This is a bad drop
I was lucky enough to pick up the 512GB 970 Pro for $199 on eBay’s 12 hour father’s day sale.
This is terrible. Go to MicroCenter and buy the 500GB 970 Evo for $189 if you bundle it with a CPU and mobo, or $199 without the bundle savings, and $99 for the 250GB. Get your shit together, Massdrop.
<3 Microcenter. I remember in one of their stores they had a big poster of Bill Gates on the wall. They have since taken it down, shame :/
...this does't really seem like a deal. Same/similar price to newer or better models.
For $4 more dollars you can get the updated Samsung 970 Evo from either Amazon, B&H, or Newegg and not wait for the drop to end.
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Lot of things (check out drops in other categories non tech related). Tech is one of those sectors that literally goes out of date the day after you purchase it. For the most part new stuff is always around the corner causing prices of current/older gen items to drop.
The problem with this site and Tech is the manufacturer does not really want to offer a deal and Massdrop won't tell them to shove off.

Instead they put up bad deals and poison the Massdrop Brand. If they had honest awesome drops they would sell out very quick. Just bad drops are killing this site for Tech at least.

Take this ram...
The MRSP as of Jan 2018 for the 960 EVO 500GB is $399.
The BETTER 970 Evo 500GB is $200.
They are trying to pawn off their old under performing high MRSP cards on the site like we are stupid. If Massdrop would step up and tell them they have a customer base they are loyal to and are not going to post bad drops or drops that are insulting to the people who like the site and ask for a better deal... something like:
960 EVO 500GB @ a quantity of 100 for $150 even charge for shipping.
They would have been gone with in minutes. I would rather have drops that are always out of stock vs. drops that the community knows are just bad and makes people not want to deal with the site at all.

Massdrop could be awesome... they just have to have the stomach to tell a company no we are not posting that shit deal.
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