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Does this upscale 1080p blu rays to 4k? That's the only reason I'd get something like this over the One S.
This seems useless to me, Xbox One S has a 4k blu ray player in it and goes on black friday sale every year for $199.99 and never sells out either, since there are loads of them. lol but eh whatever.
Is this actually cheaper than buying from some online dealer? For $50 more I can buy a Playstation 4 Pro.
PS4 pro doesn't support 4K Blu-rays... FYI, so it's not really a factor if you're comparing.

Only reason to get this is if you believe the review sites which say there are huge disparities in 4K Blu Ray player quality... and maybe there are. I wouldn't know as I don't own any of them.

Otherwise best to get the multifunction Xbox One S which will do 4K Blu Rays as well as play games.
That is good to know considering that some of the deals on Massdrop isn't that great. Should be free shipping for anything sold here.
do people still use blu-ray?
Just get a xbox one x for 4k blu-ray player
yes but no new consoles have blu-ray players in them so unless you don't play games get it just for the movies
Meh. I bought an XBox 1S for my UHD love.
Wish I had known this was coming before I bought the 8500 here.
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