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Good things come in small packages
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Meet the Small Santa Cruz Shredder. Like its bigger brother, the quality, fit, and finish is no different, but when you're on the go, this little guy can safely carry your precious cargo and a whole lot more. For example, the top two pieces fit together like a cork in a bottle. This feature allows you to grind upside down (for a finer consistency) without crushing anything sticky between the pieces.
JAWS would be Jealous
The Santa Cruz Shredder's tooth design is unique. The teeth have four points versus traditional diamond shaped teeth which only have two. This allows the herb to be shredded with less time and effort. If the teeth fail, it's backed by a lifetime guarantee.
Shred with Confidence
Store your shredded herbs with confidence. The shredder includes neodymium rare-earth magnets that prevent escaping odors, accidental spillage, and dried out herbs. When you take off the top piece, it gives you a satisfying pop, telling you how closely each part is machined. The Santa Cruz Shredder also uses a nylon gasket around the edge to assure a smooth rotation without metal-to-metal contact. Not only that, the shredder is scratch and fingerprint resistant because of its aerospace anodized protective coating.
Engineered to Perfection
Oblong shaped holes in the second piece allow shredded herbs to fall through resulting in fluffy plant matter. The third piece allows only pollen to pass through its drum tight stainless steel mesh. This shredder features a 7-catch thread design which eliminates cross-threading, binding, and seizing of threaded components. Stop grinding and start shredding with the Santa Cruz Shredder.
  • 2⅛” Diameter
  • Made in Santa Cruz, USA
  • Medical grade, ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum
  • Full lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Unique threading pattern, friction ring and textured grip
  • Top quality rare earth magnet in lid
  • Innovative tooth design
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