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Not exactly satisfied with my first massdrop experience with Satchel and Page. Not only did I receive the belt 1.5 months after the drop ended, but the buckle hardware appears to have been assembled by a chimpanzee or a small child. Note the stamp on the frame facing out, the prong is backwards, etc. See photo.

Hmm, if you have any concerns about your order, be sure to contact our community support team!
Just submitted a ticket, thank you.
My belt arrived with some bad scratches and scuffs straight out of the bag. Not sure if this is a shipping or QC issue, but it's disappointing given how long I waited to receive it. I contacted Support for a follow-up.
That's a shipping issue. We don't do the final shipping step to the customer, but regardless, I see you opened up a ticket with us and we'll replace the belt for you.
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Thank you for replying. Coincidentally I sent an e-mail to Massdrop Support approx 5 minutes before your reply. I appreciate you agreeing that this isn't acceptable, and explaining the reason for the problem. It is, however, extremely disappointing that your manufacturing and QC seems to be sub-par (or that lesser quality products are being supplied for Massdrop customers, which isn't the point of the discounted price). I can't speak for others, but I think I'd prefer a refund to a replacement.
As I mentioned in an earlier comment, we supply the same products to Massdrop and our website customers.
We sent out about 300 belts on this drop. It seems like a couple of them were below our quality standards, which is not acceptable.
We're addressing the issue and attempting to make it right.
Massdrop support will handle your refund request.
It may be partly due to the fact that it has taken over 2 months to receive my belt, but I can't help but to be disappointed. Mine (the chestnut) also has multiple small vertical creases before I have worn it. It gives the impression that it will look more like a pebble grain texture after it has been worn a few times. It looks like it needs oiling/conditioning from day 1. I have purchased full-priced belts from another online store for less than the Massdrop price for the Satchel & Page belt that are noticeably superior (thicker leather and better finishing) and have virtually no signs of creasing (except around the hole that I wear it on) after more than a year of use. Sure the Satchel & Page belt is better than many genuine leather and faux leather belts that are available, but there are definitely better options available for a lower price.
Recieved my belt yesterday (2 weeks late). For the Massdrop price, it's worth buying, but for the S&P website price, I wouldn't purchase it. The belt is nicer than most things you can find in a dept store, but there are already vertical creases running along the length of the belt, and I haven't even worn it yet. It's creased just from being rolled up in the box, during shipping. Probably just inferior leather quality. I was expecting better because my other S&P products were excellent, but at the Massdrop price, it's still worth purchasing IMO. I'm a size 31 waist, ordered 32, and it fits slightly loose at the middle hole. Order your true size.

Edit: Contacted the vender and they offered me a replacement. They covered shipping. The replacement still has slight creasing around the holes, but I've been wearing it near-daily for about one month, and it's holding up really well. The first one I received was probably just a lemon; I'd buy another belt from them.
The vendor informed us that the final units for the group's order were picked up and are on the way to our warehouse in New Jersey. Based on the tracking provided, the units are scheduled to arrive on 7/12. We'll work to have individual packages turned around as quickly as possible once everything is received.

Expect another update from us on 7/13 or sooner if something comes up.

If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center (
For those that are waiting on shipping info -

You will get an update from Massdrop when your item has shipped. Please don't press the vendor for this info, as he has already shipped them out so the rest of the process will happen on our end.
I still haven't gotten any confirmation on the shipping, can I get an update on this? It's been almost 2 month since I place the order.
Neither have I. Can someone from SatchelandPage please give us an update instead of answering issues about quality.
We shipped out all the remaining belts to Massdrop today.
Got mine yesterday. Leather quality is okay. It has a bunch of dents on the burnished edges.
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We do not do the final shipping to the customer, nor do we have each individual's order information. That is why I haven't answered you. We have already shipped all the belts to Massdrop. They do the final shipping to the customer. You will have to check with Massdrop support on when they will ship your order.
Well at least state that in reply to my previous questions instead of keeping quiet!
so has my belt been shipped out yet?
Thanks again for the update, SatchelandPage.

Expect another update from us on 7/7 or sooner if something comes up.

If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center (