Sawyer All-in-One Squeeze Water Filtration Systemsearch

Sawyer All-in-One Squeeze Water Filtration System

Sawyer All-in-One Squeeze Water Filtration System

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Not the best deal in terms of cost.

The filter however is one of the best on the market. I used this filter for 2 people for the entire PCT and many trips afterward. It made water that looked undrinkable clear. I even drank water with a dead cow in it without fear and more importantly without getting sick.

The caveat to using this filter is, a lot of people cross contaminate because of how the filter is designed. Inherently with a squeeze filter you will want to use gravity and have your filter pointing down using gravity you need to be very careful your filter has a good seal and does not leak contaminated water. You also need to have a dirty bottle/dirty bag that you only attach the filter too and do not drink out of or you can get sick from the edge of the bottle.

My wife's filter case broke when she dropped it (didn't fall that hard) and the company was reluctant to replace it.

I bought mine in 2013 and still use it. I don't know if they fixed the problem but they had a soft "O-ring" on the filter to make a seal with the bottle/bag. I'd suggest going to a hardware store and buying a normal rubber "O-ring" to make the seal. These soft rings can rip or wear over time causing dirty water to leak and cause contamination.

These screw onto normal bottled water bottles. A lot of people will buy "smart water" brand bottles and use those as they are lighter than carrying a nalgene. It's often much easier to fill a rigid bottle than a bag in the field, especially with shallow or more sparse water sources.

They make an even smaller filter as well, but most people I know ended up using the 4 oz filters like this one because they last longer with good flow before you need to backflush them.
This is only $24 on Amazon for just this style of filter. This is not a deal at all.
Again with the $21 shipping. MD can fuck right off.
Sorry, at $21 postage I don't see any value in this drop. better to buy it locally even with Aussie retail prices as high as they are.
I can see that some might say that this isn't their deal, but for a group water filter it's pdg. A 5gal bucket you can get for a couple of bucks (or maybe already have), a few minutes setup and you have a robust water filter that can outlast you. It can also be used to haul gear to and from the area. Maybe it's not a UL kit for an individual, but I use mine for as a group water filter. Great not having to worry about grandkids or scouts damaging a soft bladder.
I'm pretty sure people are saying this isn't a deal, not because of the philosophy of use, but the fact that the bucket adapter package is cheaper on amazon. ->
I understand that some folks might want bucket and faucet attachments, but it’s not really ultralight with all that extra stuff. I got excited when I saw this, but I’ll just get the barebones Sawyer Squeeze kit for $30 at Wal-Mart.
What's the drill bit in the picture for? And is that actually included?
Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it’s to drill a hole in buckets that you directly attach the filter hose to
There is a 2-part "bucket fitting" included with the all-in-one sets, so that you can set up a (semi-) permanent source container to filter from. The drill bit is the correct size to make the hole for that fitting. You can twist the bit by hand, if the container is a nice soft plastic like a 5 gallon bucket. Pretty slick.
Yeah this isn't a deal. Let's start being offered some ACTUAL deals @MassDrop.
it was only 8 dollars shipping for me but this made the drop the same price as Amazon with 2 day shipping. Disappointing Mass drop!
$21.50 shipping? A product of this size and weight is normally ~8$ to ship, ridiculous.
Likely a FU on behalf of sawyer's european distributor(s).
I've signed up for the drop but just thinking about it again, I'm gonna unsubscribe. The only thing we have over here is the Sawyer Mini though >:(
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