Schmetz Carded Specialty Needles (50 Count)search

Schmetz Carded Specialty Needles (50 Count)

Schmetz Carded Specialty Needles (50 Count)

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Specialty Needles in 6 Styles

Great for sewing specific types of materials, these Schmetz carded specialty needles are a great way to stock up for your next sewing project. There are six styles to choose from, and all come in 10 packs containing five needles apiece. Featuring an Advanced Point design that can penetrate denim or jean-like material, the denim/jean needles glide through extra-thick woven fabric with minimum needle deflection. Made of gold and titanium, the embroidery needles have a rounded tip and an extra-large eye for easy threading. Extra-sharp and thick, the leather needles can pierce through even the toughest rawhide. The metallic needles have an elongated eye that’s delicate on thin, metallic woven threads. You can use the Microtex needles with delicate fabrics like silk, microfiber, and coated materials. Finally, for heavy or multi-thread stitching, the topstitch needles have a flat design that makes them easy to maneuver through fabric.

Note: This drop is for one style of needles. You’ll get 10 packs of five needle cards (50 needles total). At checkout, choose denim/jean, embroidery, leather, metallic, Microtex sharp, or topstitch. 


  • Schmetz
  • 50 needles
  • Made in Germany

Denim Needles

  • Modified medium ballpoint
  • Needles: (2) #90/14, (2) #100/16, (1) #110/18
  • Uses: Denim and similar fabrics

Embroidery Needles

  • Titanium-nitride coating with slightly rounded point and enlarged eye
  • Needles: (5) #90/14
  • Uses: Coarse and densely woven materials

Leather Needles

  • Cutting point
  • Needles: (5 ) #90/14
  • Uses: Leather, artificial leather, heavy non-woven synthetics

Metallic Needles

  • Standard point with elongated eye
  • Needles: (5) #80/12
  • Uses: Metallic and other specialty threads

Microtex Assorted

  • Ultra-thin sharp point
  • Needles: (2) #60/8, (2) #70/10, (1) #80/12
  • Uses: Microfiber, polyester, silk, foils, coated materials

Topstitch Needles

  • Standard point with elongated eye
  • Needles: (5) #80/12
  • Uses: Topstitch, heavy thread, multiple or poor-quality threads


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