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Schmetz Scissor Set

Schmetz Scissor Set

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Experience Perfect Cutting

Sharp enough for cutting through multiple layers and durable enough to withstand years of use, the Schmetz scissor set makes cutting fabric an easy task. Included in the set are a pair of 9.5-inch sewing scissors and a pair of 5-inch embroidery scissors. Both scissors have nylon handles that provide comfort while cutting and can be used by right- and left-handed users. The sewing scissors feature long, sharp blades for smooth cuts on all types of fabric, and have a slight bend that helps when working on flat surfaces. The embroidery scissors are great for detailed cuts on lightweight fabrics. Its ultra-sharp points are engineered to trim short threads with ease.

5-inch Embroidery Scissors

9.5-inch Sewing Scissors


  • Schmetz
  • Blade material: Ice-tempered stainless steel
  • Handle material: Nylon
  • For right- and left-handed users
  • Made in Germany

Sewing Scissors

  • Bent handle design
  • Blade length: 9.5 in (24.1 cm)

Embroidery Scissors

  • Ultra-sharp points
  • Blade length: 5 in (12.7 cm) 


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