Schott Zwiesel Audience Burgundy Glasses (Set of 6)search

Schott Zwiesel Audience Burgundy Glasses (Set of 6)

Schott Zwiesel Audience Burgundy Glasses (Set of 6)

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reading the prior drop comments, I wonder why anyone would bother with this.
I ended up with the D&V glasses, and they're working quite well for me. But, I'm very skeptical of the bait & switch.
Any update on when these will ship? It was supposed to ship around April 27.
Who else got the “it’s been brought to our attention that our vendor is no longer able to source......” email? They are offering D&V replacements and a $5 refund. Problem is D&V is a restaurant supply company that has many different lines of glasses in both crystal and glass. They don’t mention in the email what line of D&V glasses they are offering as a replacement. Definitely makes me think less of Massdrop, though.
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I wrote back saying I wanted to cancel my order, expressed all the reasons I was upset about this situation, and said I expected I'd be getting 2 credits, as I had ordered 2 sets and one had already been promised to someone as a now either I have to be the ass hole and say I can't give them what I promised, or i have to go buy a set at 3 times what I paid for here........
Even asked them to confirm that they would do that.

No response.

Got an email that I got a refund, and see a $5 credit count if I go to join a drop now, but no one bothered writing back to say they won't credit me for both sets?

A little effort on the customer service would go a long way here....
This was an unfortunate situation but I do want to clarify that the replacement D&V glasses that were offered are identical to the SZ, save for the label on the box. The crystal is the same, and they were made in the same place. D&V are intended for commercial customers and SZ for retail. So the D&V box will be more plain as they are ordered in bulk and not sold individually in a brick and mortar location.
That being said it was still a mistake and we would never run a drop with the intention of shipping a different product that we listed. Given that the SZ glasses were not available at the time due to an issue with the supplier, we tried to make the best of a bad situation by giving the option to cancel, or take the replacement with a credit.
Does anyone know if there's a seam on these glasses?
I see these are for "Delicate wines" but how appropriate would these be to serve an everyday red or sparkling wine in? I have never purchased wine glasses before and dont drink much of it, but my friends do.
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Interesting, thanks for that!
Don't serve sparkling wine in a flute
Are these apart of the Tritan line? Can we please get some more of these on here?
Tritan Crystal Glass is used in these yes. Technically the "line" would be Audience. SZ makes a number of lines with the Trian Crystal which is proprietary to them.
Great price! Although personally I'm looking for the Pure line for wine glasses. Although I DO really want the 1872 HOMMAGE COMETE for the rocks & coupe glasses.
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Yea, but these glasses are still great quality, and the price is extremely impressive! The 1872 line is just purty, but not for everyday use. These you could buy 2 or 3 sets and easily use them everyday and not worry when 1 or 2 inevitably break, however good quality they are, it will happen someday.

^poll includes the Hommage Comete
This looks like a legitimate deal. The next lowest price I could find was $42. Even with shipping, this is still a good price. I ordered a set!
7.75 to Ohio.
Couldn't find the shipping for this set ?? Anyone knows how much is shipping to USA ??
Thanks, Alex
If you click to join the drop you can see the shipping amount before continuing, then just back out of you decide not to order. This goes for all drops

And $7.75 to New York. Not toooo terrible for a box this size needing to be marked as fragile
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