Standard Issue: 1942 Brass Comb - Class Asearch

Standard Issue: 1942 Brass Comb - Class A

Standard Issue: 1942 Brass Comb - Class A

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If I had hair I would buy this.
I'd love to jump on this, but sadly it's made of leather, and I don't buy animal skin products. Would be all over this if it came with a rubber, ABS, or PE cover instead. I like to carry a comb, but the plastic ones often break in my pocket.
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Golly gee, I have totally been converted from my life of ethical veganism to wanton carnivore. Thanks for sharing. On second thought, lets not make any rash dietary changes based on a cut and paste post. Leather is still leather. The hides that they process into leather are not given away free. This post acknowledges that they must buy them. So while it infers that buying leather doesn't support the meat industry, truth is they do provide a monetary support, even if only 5%. For all you keyboard warriors that are comfortable with leather. Good for you! I am however a self reflexive person. I would be a hypocrite if I eschewed eating cows, but had no problem wearing their skin. Would you not be just as horrified at a person wearing human skin as you would a cannibal?
If the human skin was going into a landfill instead of being utilized for warmth, then yeah, I’d 100% be horrified they aren’t fully utilizing the by-products of humans. I’d think they were absolutely stupid for wasting something that was going to be thrown away anyways. Who does that??
Any update on the 10/2018 drop? Was it further delayed?
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I apologize for the lack of communication. The combs are completed and on their way to Massdrop as of last week. There were a couple hang ups in production that caused the delays and I apologize for that. Thanks for getting in on the drop!
Thanks for the update. Looking forward to it.
Just noticed this drop is back up and I just have to say how dope this thing is. My sister got one for me.for my birthday and I use it every day, it's tough, looks great, and is obviously functional as well. The only tiny gripe that I have is that I always imagined the comb would have a stop mechanism so you could use the leather as a kind of a handle while in use, when in reality it just kind of swivels. Overall a total non-issue, highly recommended.
Any chance of a future offering in copper?
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Been carrying this one for a year....
Oh Massdrop, I don't know what to say except that I'm so sorry that I'm too dedicated to shit posting. But that's why I love this site. It took me half an hour to remember this :D

PS I didn't buy, owned or even tried the product.
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Do you own one of the combs? If you have issues please let me know.
No, but I just thought it would be a funny to post this. I'll edit my comment to clarify that I don't have a the product.
I felt kind of bad spending so much on a comb but something about it really appealed to me. I've had it for a few weeks now and it's great. It feels solid, like I'll have it forever. All USA made too I'm pretty sure. I don't feel bad at all about buying it, this thing is bad ass. Brass and leather? Always looks dope.
Hi there! How would you maintain your comb, in particular the brass? I would like to get a comment back from the producer of the comb. Had never really any experiences with brass. Thanks!
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Thanks a lot! It is more detailed than i asked. Perfect customer relations. This comb is clearly the best decision I made so far on Massdrop. Looking forward to your next drops. Keep it up!
You're absolutely welcome. Thank you very much for your support and enjoy your comb!
Does anyone know what type of naval brass this uses? (i.e. lead-free naval brass)
This particular Brass is C464 Naval Brass and does contain trace amounts of Lead. It is listed as a "lead free" brass by the manufacturers I have looked into and ordered from. Other alloys have as much as 50 to 60 times more Lead and I pay quite a bit more money for C464 Brass for that reason. Great question!
For reference, if you tripled the Lead content in C464 Brass it would still be EPA approved to use as piping for drinking water.
Does anyone know how big the teeth are compared to a Kent 82T folding comb?
Can anyone provide a picture of this with something in it for scale (pocketknife, quarter, etc.), or as part of their carry?  Just looking to get some idea of size.
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I have the Trayvaxx wallet too lol...
Wanted to add to the praise below...this thing is now living in my right pocket and I don't see that changing soon. Cannot wait to see the patina form on the brass.
Just got mine today and "Wow".
This was a bit of an impulse buy, as are so many of our little carry around bits and bobs - the seemingly silly EDC items that we try to justify a 50$ price tag with the hope that it's "buy-it-for-life" quality.
So often we are disappointed.
This is not one of those times. Full grain leather, excellently cut and burnished edges, clean pressed lines for the bordering and text, and of a lovely weight to hold in hand.
But above all, it succeeds in the details. The comforting and all important small things that separate the "eh I guess it is ok, at least it was on sale" purchase trials from your treasured possessions. Perfectly uniform and rounded teeth, the tightness in the hinge, no burrs or rough edges to the metal, no missed spots to the brushed finish, the rotation into the sheathe does not scrape at tip as it slides in nor is the sheathe too roomy either.
This sounds like a love song, but you know the feeling. When everything is just as you were hoping for. The satisfaction of buying a carefully and well crafted product.
In functionality, it combs well. I have long, straight, very determined Asian hair. Combs that are too wide toothed do little more than break up tangles, too fine and they threaten to clog up just out of sheer follicle density. This is a nice balance that works well for me.
Got mine today. Great quality. Solid comb, nice leather, heavy and well finished. Better than expected. Will be used on my full beard. Top-notch product! Worth the extra customs (shipped to Germany).
Btw; c'mon Massdrop, we need a EU warehouse. Even European products are being shipped from US.
Dang it I just missed this! I saw it today at my university and wanted to wait till I got home to join the drop but lost track of time. I am a sad camper now. =( Maybe next time.
It's live again.
Very nice looking comb, but my beard is far too long for combs, only brushes for me.
Just recently received mine. I thought spending $45 on a pocket comb was a bit questionable but now that I have it, it's as cool as my pocket knife. And built very rugged so I know it will get passed on someday. A very cool item indeed!
Is the leather case made of full-grain, top-grain, or genuine grade leather?
Full-grain veg tanned
I purchased this comb last drop and I can attest the aesthetics are excellent. It look wonderful and is exactly what I was looking for.
Unfortunately, it tends to rip out my beard hair like that's its job. Using it for the first comb of the day is a nightmare. I have been using my regular, $3, plastic corsair to get things in order, then using this to maintain throughout the day, but that still causes lots of hair loss, ripped out by the root so it's not dry or damaged hair.
Proceed with caution. I'm almost certainly going back to my plastic comb full time once I accept the fact that I wasted $40+ on a beautiful, if pain-inducing, comb.
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Thanks for the response. Great customer service!! I've got a shadowbox project that I think I'll use the comb in. Still love the look of it. Added two pics, one of my beard and one of my daily driver comb, so other's can get an idea of what I'm working with.
Only one solution:
Maybe a funny question, but what about the beard? Does anyone have any experiences with this comb, when it comes to long or short beard or mustache? I am a bald guy with a full beard. However, to my knowledge, there are differences between hair and facial hair. And this would be my first brass comb. :)
Many customers have purchased this as a beard comb! The only thing to note is when used on curly hair especially it is very important that the comb is perpendicular to the hair, as is the case with most metal combs (this is nowhere near the first).
Thanks for the question. Let me know if you have any more!
Thanks a lot for the response. Did not know about this perpendicular thing. Maybe it is really worth a try, as I habe broken my long lasting wooden comb.
just wondering but is it possible to stamp custom names on the leather for future reference? would make a great groomsman gift.
It is possible. You can reach out to me directly through with such requests!
Received mine today. I really dig this comb! This is my first metal comb, so I couldn't tell you how it compares to any other, but it works well and the quality is top notch. Runs through the hair nice and smooth and feels good on the scalp. I'm looking forward to having this around for quite awhile
I'm so happy you like the comb. Thanks for picking one up! Let me know if you ever have any problems with it.
Does anyone have one of these. Looks really slick, just not sure about taking it through the airport...
looks cool, but not much drop. $49.99 plus shipping on schwarz website.
It's $45 with shipping here. Its the cheapest you'll find it.
Very excited about this drop! I've spent a lot of time perfecting this design and the manufacturing process. I hope you all enjoy it!
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It is not closed off on either side. Thanks for the question. There is enough friction in the pivot area to prevent the comb from opening, it is not free swinging like a pocket knife would be. I understand your concern about that, but there is no need to worry!
Thank you, 3ogus. I really appreciate your support!