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Sea-Gull D819.449 Mechanical Watch

Sea-Gull D819.449 Mechanical Watch

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Watch arrived. Very impressed. The numbers and indexes are applied (contrary to claims below) watch is quite thin and well finished. The style is nice. The dial has 3 layers with the outer upper level holding the numbers and indexes. The separation from the face is accentuated by a chrome ring. The sub seconds dial is further recessed. Elements are nicely finished and look to be a soft white silver sparkle finish. I also like 4 8 12 layout on the dial because it is different than all the other watches that you typically see. I think it is nice to have something different in a design. If I were to complain about one thing it would be the sub-second dial is a bit busy given the rest of the watch but that is a small complaint overall. The watch itself does not indicate anywhere that the crystal is sapphire which is of some concern I'm not sure that it truly is sapphire as advertised. the leather strap is a bit stiff but looks to be a decent quality and the Buckle is etched Sea-gull. For the price paid this was a steal.
I think the design of this watch is pretty classy, and am open minded to Sea-Gull, I've heard it's an improving Chinese brand, and 130 USD is probably well priced for such an offer. This being said, I have 2 negatives that make it a "no no" to me:
- I love Seiko too much to accept wearing a watch that has practically the same "S" on the crown. Sea-Gull really should spend a couple of thousands of dollars to come up with a more personal crown logo!
- While the dial and hands look pretty, they don't seem easily legible. I like having a pretty watch, but I need one where I can see the time in glance!
What a fascinating listing. Sea-Gull is a very low-end movement maker. Their history is of cloning, illegally at the time, Swiss movements. Some by taking data from the Russians (Volstok, Poljot by memory.) Sea-Gull movements are used in a lot of fashion watches. (That's a nice word for, "keeps time but made cheap.") Renown for poor finishing. If you buy a low-end skeletonized mechanical, odds are high that it's a Sea-Gull.

This doesn't mean it's low quality or keeps poor time. By mechanical standards, it's fine. But what are you getting and not getting for your $130?

Sapphire crystal, and the case-back are positives, and you pretty much need a case-back for this watch.
Small sub-dial second hand is a strong pro, as it's distinct and will make the seconds look even smoother (read: less quartz-like; you get 3-4 beats-per-second rather than the single second beat on a Quartz.)
But you also have the odd lay-out - 4/8? Really?
And a printed, not applied, set of markers. Which make it look cheap rather than like a dress watch. Very at-odds with the sapphire crystal.
And, at 9mm, it's thinner than a diving watch, but not really thin.

I'm curious who this watch is targeted to.
Well said TC, well said. Seagull still copies a lot, and has a history of stealing design samples they've been contracted to produce, which makes the brand tough for me to get behind. I also know experienced watch makers that have said some Seagull movements are rough out of the box, and very difficult to work on and or regulate. If I were spending this kind of coin, I would look long and hard for an Orient watch, but that's me.
21700 is 6 beats per second not 3 to 4? You​ act like you are so watch a savvy yet are way off on this. And 9mm is pretty damn thin for a 40mm watch these days (not being an automatic sure helps though) . Sure there are thinner watches but probably starting 5x the price.

You state printed indices but I see no indication that is true. They appear applied to me. Where did you find this info?

Yes seagull is a lower end movement internationally but they do and have long made some nicer pieces.
My recollection is the brand bought Swiss movement designs and machinery many decades ago and is the highest regarded watch MFG in China . I also understand when they put their name on a watch it is generally a good piece. Seriously $130 mechanical shipped with sapphire. Not a lot of room for negative snarks on this one.
I like that "China Made" on the dial, so classy...
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Their vintage pilot watch has the Chinese "China made" on it which is real classy.
Not even correct English that is. Should've been "Chinese Made"
Need lengths of bracelet style men's watch to make sure they will fit.
I like the way this one looks, but black straps are so boring. Anyone have a recommendation for a much more interesting kind of steam strap that would go well with this?
Light blue or maybe a light gray. It looks good with the silver color of the steel.
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