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Seeed Arduboy Handheld Arcade

Seeed Arduboy Handheld Arcade

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Sounds like I need to buy a bunch of these out then on ebay and allow shipping outside of the US at a small premium lol
I just ordered one from an European website, not sure why they don't ship in Europe in these drops.. bah
if i ship it too my cousin in the US would they be able to send it to canada?
This drop is limited to US only? Why won't it ship to Canada? That's fairly disappointing.
Canada?? I'm fucking sad this won't ship to Switzerland. Instant disappointment.
Yep, all the Arduboys never ship outside the US
I am pretty satisfied with this little handheld. i wish it had a micro sd slot but that's the beauty of Arduboy's simplicity. This was never meant to be a sort of jukebox arcade to sit for hours and play with. Just a little toy like when you were a kid. Back in my day you had one game and you enjoyed it! Games are easy to upload especially with the different game loaders available. I've played a few games and I'm impressed what devs can do with so little. I keep coming back to Sirene. Perfect little game. Can't wait for new games! Overall 10/10

If there was a special edition with transparent purple (like the gameboy advanced) i would buy another one!
I cant believe they wont ship this to Australia, I would be more than happy to pay extra for international shipping as I always do, so very disappointed...
You should honestly just buy it from SEEED or some other distrib if you're not in the USA. This is only a few dollars discounted anyways.
I do work on embedded systems, but not this type of embedded. I mean, even the first gen Raspberry Pi model A has 256MB of memory, while this one has 2.5KB. The only reason why the screen works is because it’s 1 bit color depth. Think about it, even 16 color would require 4KB RAM for the framebuffer, which is way beyond 2.5KB. And it’s sold at at least 42.99...
It's not bought because it's super hi-tech. Some people buy them because they're AVR fans, other buys them because it's a cute project.
Im considering it only because its cute, I understand BrandonChang's point though
Not sure what the heck I would even do with this but that doesn't seem to be stopping me from wanting one.
It's honestly pretty fun to play with.
If you could mqke it slightly smaller I could just use one thumb to mash all the buttons at the same time.
Ooh, I got one of these from the initial Kickstarter and I LOVE it. Super fun to tinker with, and its supported by a great community where I can whine about how terrible I am at simple programming stuff😂
This has to be one of the most adorable things I've seen. Can't wait to use it to practice Chinese and French.
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Thanks for your reply. I use Anki on Android with color coded Chinese characters (different colors representing the tones) and Mandarin audio feedback, so an Arduboy app wouldn't cut it for me. But no doubt it would be fun to program something like that if you've got the time.
Yeah. I know what you mean. I use a lot of different learning tools including things like Rosetta Stone, HelloChinese (Android) and a few character learning apps.

Mainly it'll be fun to develop. It'll also be useful when I don't have ready access to my phone and whatnot or quick practice while in line at a store, etc.
Gaming on a 1.3 in screen..?? I'm I missing something..?
If the screen size is all you're concerned with, then you're missing a lot. Arduboy is not just a gaming console, it's a development platform for creating your own games! There's a huge online community with lots of great games and tons of cool programming techniques for learning about game development on a small platform.