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Seeed DSCope USB-Based Oscilloscope

Seeed DSCope USB-Based Oscilloscope

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what is an oscilloscope?
It's cheaper
Sure, but it also takes almost a month to get it.
What/Is there software included?
EDIT: This is a different model than the one I found on amazon. I found this model for $59 on Amazon.
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You are welcome.
Unfortunately, software is everything with these. That Amazon one's software seems a bit dodgy. And looks like the sample rate is too slow to be very useful. I'm sure there are real specs available somewhere, but the description there just says "Recommended input: 1-15mhz." I wonder if this means 15mhz is where we actually see the 3db drop, or if it happens at a lower frequency, but it is still somewhat usable up to 15mhz.

Comparing these lower-cost scopes frustrates me a lot. It's starting to seem like unless you drop 4x the money for the mid-range Pico models, you end up stuck with either poor specs or power software (or sometimes both.)

Nonetheless, at first glance, this DSCope does look halfway decent specs-wise. I'll have to wait for some more to see how the software is before I consider purchase (and a lower price will be necessary). There is 1 review on Seeed's website, which says the software is very poor..
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