Seeed Grove Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduinosearch

Seeed Grove Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino

Seeed Grove Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino


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the negative comments are beginning to worry me. Can the sensors provided be replaced/substituted with better/more accurate ones. I haven't been given a delivery date yet. Is it possible to decline after a drop has finished?
I've been following a build on credit where these sensors are used, they are cheap to replace I think he said $5-$15 for a 3 pack also another poster showed his own sensor that would supposedly last indefinitely.

There's part 1 and 2 of the guide if you want to skim through.
If this kit uses the DHT 11 Temperature and Humidity sensor I do not recommend using it for growing. I have attempted to use a similar kit for some plant growing and the DHT 11 sensor is not accurate enough for a grower looking for tight temperature readings.
FWIW the DHT22 is a lot more accurate (from what I've read) and is only marginally more expensive than the 11.
Made my order a few days ago but after reading these comments I have decided to cancel it. I would really like this product but I'm not going to wait half a year for it.
Fuck i guess I learned my first lesson on massdrop
Got the product looking for a piece of hose. Diameter of pomp is 8mm inside. Diameter for the flow meter is 6mm bit strange.
Same. Trying to get connectors and reducers, pain. :(
This looks like a great Christmas gift! Now, after reading the comments, I'm getting concerned.
Just came in today, and surprise surprise, wrong product....
It took close to a year from purchase to delivery for this drop. I am very upset about this and hope that it's not a new trend for Massdrop.
This is obviously meant to grow the Devil's lettuce, you degenerates!
When will I ever get my last massdrop of this product? It's been over 6 months now and I still haven't received my product.
Anybody have any success using something like this for their herb garden?
Herb garden, or "herb" garden?
So package deliver opend by custom´s of course but everything included!
BUT i installed the Demo an couldn´t get it to work the screen doens´t light up im using a Arduino R2 could that be the problem? (2 pins are missing on each site but the revision changelog sayd they just for Mesuring the voltage by a shield!) or did i get an defectiv kit?
Hey guys, anyone here from Finland who happened to join this drop last time it was online? Massdrop fucked up and I got your package sitting here on my table..
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spending time and effort to correct someone else's mistake is a big deal..
Im definite such wholesome gestures return back to those who care to do them in the first place.
Yeah exactly, this can happen to anyone but it's a potential problem when you ship overseas. aurochs_angels did you get anything in the meantime?