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SEEED Mini Soldering Iron Deluxe Kit

SEEED Mini Soldering Iron Deluxe Kit

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god, that video is shot horribly, but it just seems so honest. no video cuts or editing bullshit. and it really did look easy to use
Option for EU power adapter?
The new version TA80's already released, you can order it from alixepress
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It's TS-80 It's a USB C QC 3.0 powered direct heating element soldering iron. Its about the same price of this but youll need a QC 3.0 power supply or power bank which adds about $20 more to the cost. The TS-80 is more suited for portability/outdoors and there's only two types of compatible tips released so far.
Can someone help me understand if this will be OK to use in an Australian power point? T
he adapter makes it look like you can replace the input side without hassle, but I don't quite understand how to determine if this is safe to do so
This is either rebrand or remake (I would guess the former) of TS100. Iron itself is surprisingly good according to some reviewers online. Iron itself requires 12-24V, but not more than that as some of the capacitors inside are rated 25V max. This means that you can take any power adapted which is 3A+ at any voltage between 12-24 and use it.
Provided adapter states 100V to 240V which covers all the power standards.
Also, I suggest taking a look at TS100, since it's an open source design, there are many different manufacturers of this iron at much better prices.
I don't know why, but this thing reminds me an awful lot of an AR-15 / M16 bolt carrier group.
how much was this?
If you're looking for something a little more...less, ISO-Tip 7700 (, works great, heats up to melting temps extremely quickly. Not particularly temperature controlled though, but feels good in the hand and has a handy light to help see what you're doing in small, tight spaces.
What is the included power supply's output voltage?
It's low, 19v at 2.1 amps, but more than enough for normal use. You just don't want to use anything less than that, and 24v is optimal.

The link below is the same unit for a bit less money, minus the extra crap, and free one day shipping if you have Prime.
This is way too expensive for one of these. Just about everywhere else has them for ~$50. Not that this isn't a good iron. If you want it, buy it literally anywhere else. You'll get it sooner and for at least $20 less. I get that it comes with a few extras, but if you have a laptop, you probably don't need a separate power brick, and the other extras aren't going to be worth the money whether you intend to use it seriously or not.
What are the specs for the DC converter? Is it 12V? 24V? Something in between?
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Anywhere between 12v and 24v. Google ts100, it's the same soldering iron.
It's also important to note that this iron in some reviews drew around 3A, which makes using this converter a bit of a gamble.

Dremel 2000-01 14-piece kit = $41

Wait, thats a butane torch not a soldering iron...
I think it’s time I wrote a review on this truly awful product.
I can only hope it has changed drastically since I purchased this from massdrop for nearly $100 in 2015, because since purchase it has been quite a let down.
The item looks and feels great, being such a small size I have excellent manoeuvrability, when it ACTUALLY WORKS.
It sporadically cuts out, either because of temperature or because of the loose power O power connection. This is not a guess at the fault, if one doesn’t turn it off the other will.
The temperature dial states at maximum it reaches 400C, however I have no idea where it gets this temperature as the tip barely reaches 300C, even after being left on to heat it. To which it will then turn off for being too hot!
When it works, it just about melts solder. The rest of the time youll end up ruining connections due to it turning off mid weld.
Im sorry massdrop, you are a great site. But seeed really dropped the ball on this one. Maybe I got a faulty one, but from extensive use (again purchased in 2015) I have bitten the bullet after spending so much on this and gotten a cheaper better alternative.
I would’ve returned this years ago, but shipment from the United Kingdom isn’t worth the effort.
Have you tried using different firmware? And what kind of solder and flux are you using? The barrel jack issue is a shame though. If you wanted to you could either try a different cable and if that doesn't work you could swap out the actual connector in the device. I bet that connector isn't hard to find and it should be easy enough to replace granted you have another iron and some solder wick.
If it still doesn't get hot enough after that, I've heard that the output voltage on your power supply affects how hot this gets. Make sure your power supply outputs closer to 24v. While it can take as low as 12v, I probably wouldn't recommend the minimum.
Just wanted to pop in and praise this little wonder. If you're technically inclined look into Ralim's custom firmware for the TS100 (Our model). It adds nicer icons and excessive amounts of customizability - in a soldering iron!
Hi guys, joined the drop when it was over the 35 mark. Does that mean I won't be eligible to get one?
any chance for a UK power plug (Type G)?
This is a TS-100 by the looks of it. You can get them on aliexpress and banggood and buy your own powerpack. @Munnybear to answer your similar question.
Any chance for a different type of power plug?
May I just ask, being completely new to all this and not really wanting or needing a big station, if there are any simple third party stands that would hold it a bit more securely than the little thing it comes with? ...
... because I'm clumsy and my desk is small.
Thanks in advance!
I have the OEM stand (small square ceramic one), if this is anything like the OEM one, it's plenty sturdy. I personally don't think this drop is worth it though.
For people saying this is expensive. If you need it on the go and in a pinch it's flipping awesome. Also you can use a RC Lipo to power it on the go with a cheap 3 dollar cable.
A great thing indeed, but a bad offer when you can buy the "original OEM" version SEEED bought and rebranded at half the MSRP.
I'm considering one of these as a spare but they seem plenty powerful & tbh a bargain price if the tips hold up as well as the average ones do. One with a battery pack and/or a suitable wall wart would be ideal for mobile work.
This is a good deal. I got the same thing off Amazon for about the same price 3 months ago and it didn't come with a power supply or bag.
The storage baggy is certainly not as big as it appears, unless they've significantly increased its size since the first drop.
The soldering iron is incredible though. I worry about the cable, as mine has shorted out occasionally already, but otherwise an excellent iron. My Bottlehead Crack thanks you.
Open Source firmware for a soldering iron. Where is the world going. Pretty soon I'm going to be reflashing my can of coke so I can change the notification sound it makes when I'm down to just backwash.
*Ding ding* Wife: What's that? Me: Nothing. Want the rest of this coke?
This reminds me, I need to buy a new soldering iron. Not for almost $80 though. Honestly it seems like all of Seeed's products are overpriced. It sucks that Massdrop's DIY section is dominated by this brand. There's some really great, affordable brands for DIY projects not to mention the dizzying array of components and accessories out there for microcontrollers. Instead we just get this soldering iron every couple months and a few other items. Massdrop, you're great, but you really need to work on this section.
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Hey, I really appreciate the direct reply. Personally, I just got into the Raspberry Pi. I know I'm late to the party on that one, but I saw a great deal on a kit from CanaKit during Prime Day and figured I'd give it a shot. I'm really enjoying it, and there's a ton of stuff out there for the Pi and other microcontrollers like the Arduino. You guys have a few kits here and there like the Pi kit up now and the IoT kit, but as I mentioned I find Seeed very overpriced and I think a lot of people would agree with that.
This is just a suggestion, but seeing as Massdrop is very involved with partnering with companies to create their own products (or at least have enough of a hand in the creation of a product to put their name on it), why don't you guys source your own kits. Throw together a Pi, a 5V/3A power supply, a few choices of cool cases, a class 10 micro SD card and just like that you have an official Massdrop Pi starter kit. Throw in some various upgrades and it would be great. Or go for specific project kits, like put together a case/board/etc to make your own NES/SNES/console, make your own HTPC/media center, etc.
As for specific brands and vendors, I already mentioned CanaKit. As I said, I'm still new at this stuff so other people might know better brands but I've liked them. Adafruit is another one that seems to be quite a big one based on the number of products they carry. They also seem community oriented, so maybe they'd be interested in teaming up with you guys and offering some of the stuff they have? I know they source a lot of their products directly from China since, being DIY, they're carrying a lot of products that aren't being built anywhere except China.
But you guys don't seem to mind sourcing products internationally since that's where all the mechanical keyboards and keycaps come from. Maybe it's worth looking around to see what kind of sensors/boards/screens etc. are carried by other vendors? A lot of this stuff doesn't really have a brand, it's just mass produced in China and sold in batches of 100-1000+.
Hope this helps a bit.
These are certainly mass produced in China. This particular model is called the TS100, and is available from the original supplier for around $50.
Isn't Seeed the name of a German band?
SainSmart Pro32 is far cheaper on amazon with 2 day shipping.
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Seed doesn't make it's just branded. They're made by the same company
This is the kind of post I was looking for, thanks!
Hello All,
There was some confusion around the note that said you will be able to purchase extra Soldering Iron tips at checkout but this is not the case. Unfortunately we can no longer add the additional tips for purchase on this item as the vendor is only able to offer us the Deluxe Kit. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Mmm! the same on Aliexpress is $46.28
The tip looks to be too far away from the handle.
Just spend the extra money and get an 888.
Received it. Came with all parts except the user manual. Looks like seeed doesn't have it online, either. I'm mostly curious about the little soldering kit inside. Could probably trace the stuff out myself I guess
The TS100 soldering iron is an open-source design.

Hope this helps.
at checkout i dont see then options for other tips like the page say?
Hello All,
There was some confusion around the note that said you will be able to purchase extra Soldering Iron tips at checkout but this is not the case. Unfortunately we can no longer add the additional tips for purchase on this item as the vendor is only able to offer us the Deluxe Kit. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
One question, does the chrager allow for 240V and 50-60 Hz????
Yes it does.