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Seeed Tetris Arduboy MicroCard

Seeed Tetris Arduboy MicroCard


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Received mine today. Pretty disappointing packaging. Box was completely flat inside the bubble mailer. Screen had hairline scratches.
Hmm no color? Not sure I'm interested.
Tetris for ants?
this seems really overpriced for what it offers and it can't be reprogrammed so it has no extended capabilities outside tetris

as someone who has tetris on the switch i really have to wonder why this cost more than a full tetris and puyo puyo (hybrid) game with way more features options and puyo puyo

if it were a lot less expensive i could see it as a solid pocket tetris machine but $45 is a pretty huge asking price
When I saw Arduboy and Tetris I was quite excited about this. Then I come to the discussion and find that although it has the word Arduboy in the title that it can't be programmed. Talk about disappointment!
I was expecting this to be like $0.50 to produce and $5 to buy. What makes this $55? Hipster factor?
I have one myself and they are produced by Arduboy and licensed by Tetris themselves it has all the factors of newer Tetris's like T-spins and the ghost block but I do agree the price tag it somewhat high but if you love Tetris it's worth it.
Seriously, will anyone who participated in this drop tell me if this thing plays the original Tetris music?
But will it play the original Tetris music?
There's hope because there was a disclaimer about the music on that tiny screen.
Whenever I see this, I'm excited by the possibility, but as it has yet to be broken so that you can develop for it freely (as you can with the primary arduboy), I'm still not willing to get it. All I want is for it to be as programmable as the original. If they released a landscape form-factor of the original, I'd get it in a heartbeat. Here's hoping they figure it out.
U can regard Tetris as a special model of Arduboy. The trademark is owned by Tetris Holding. Cant DIY or be programmable. And it may not be changed in future. If you look into programmable purpose, Arduboy should be better.
Why is shipping cost outside of the us not mentioned anywhere?
Is there really no way to jailbreak it?
Hello everyone
ship muh game now please, grahhh
when playing tetris on this device there are circles at the bottom showing where the piece will land. I didn't pay attention to this in the video below, but now that i have it I find it very annoying. Is there a way to turn this off?
No, the ghost blocks you see are there to make this game even faster, its a rather new and standard thing they've added.
johzho, thank you for the feedback. I found this on the tetris, wiki: "...some players who are migrating from games without a ghost piece have trouble adjusting to the ghost piece when they fail to distinguish it from blocks in the playfield."

Unfortunately I fall into that group for now, but I am sure I will get used to it.

Other than that I find this to be a pretty nice unit...