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Seiko 5 SNKD99K1 Automatic Watch

Seiko 5 SNKD99K1 Automatic Watch

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Looks like an integrated strap. If it is, then good luck finding an aftermarket strap that would fit in that (looks like 10mm). Deal breaker for me.
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Not the same watch, but also a Seiko 5. The one on the right with the white dial was gifted to me. Integrated strap as well. What I did was buy a cheap leather strap and just cut a notch to fit the gap.
I don't believe that is an integrated band.
Am I the only one thinking that everything has been done in the pictures ( angles, exposure, etc .... ) to hide the "famous" Seiko 5 bracelet?
Is it possible to use a NATO strap with this? How would it fit?
I have some 20mm straps here, are they compatible?
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20mm is the approx lug width, outside to outside. It is NOT an integral strap, it can be removed, but is only about 10mm inside, so you might need a special band to fit it. I'll go back and ask my jeweler about it.
Yes, it is a 20mm width but to answer the original question you cannot put a NATO strap on this. Well, you can but why would you use a 10mm NATO on this. Also, the clearance between the lug and case may be too small to wrap even the thinnest NATO strap available. It's integral in a sense that it wasn't intended to be replaced. I guess I should've said non-standard. Yes, it can be removed but, I don't believe anyone makes straps that will accomodate this watch.

See the photo I posted on my Seiko 5 somewhere here in the discussion where I cut a leather strap to mount on these types of Seikos. If you want to replace the strap, you pretty much have to retrofit one yourself like I did.
If anyone missed getting in on the drop, I have one for sale. It's in perfect condition just too small for me. I should have paid more attention to it being a 37 and not a 40. I paid the drop price, with shipping $97.74.

First $80.00 via paypal takes it. Shipping included.
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Sure do.
Great, send me an email:
Anyone have advice on how to remove some links from the bracelet?

There are spring push pins connecting the bracelet to the main case and connecting the bracelet to the closing clasp. I know there are arrows on some bracelet links near the strap, but they don't make sense to me because there are no push pin slots to remove links like the other watches I've owned.
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yeah. wouldn't have bought it in the first place if i knew this. camera angles on the page barely even outline the side of the watch too. waste of money to purchase if i can't even remove any bands
Those are super easy links to take off. People on YouTube even show how easy it is to remove those links on Seiko 5'a. Minitwatch YouTube shows videos on his channel.
Hi, I received my watch and have to say it is a nice watch for the money ! BUT, as I was skeptical about I did not receive my Certificate of guarantee with my watch ! It is supposed to be in the back of the Seiko booklet in the little sleeve attached to the last page in booklet. Did anyone else receive the Certificate of Guarantee ?
Hi everybody..I purchased the watch because to me for the money it looks like a nice piece ! Has anyone ever bought a Seiko from Massdrop before ? And If so..did you get a Certificate of Guarantee ? That is something I want to get with this purchase fromMassdrop..
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Thank you very much for your help. Then it means that the Seiko SKND99K1 that I just bought from Massdrop is made in Malaysia. I am glad it is not made in China!! Thanks again
You're welcome.
i think for the price its going to be well worth it. not to mention i cant find the watch on USA sites.. that could be a very good thing in my opinion.
I dunno, if it were about 40mm it'd be a no-brainer, but 37? I have to ponder it.
I bought a SARB033 (I think it was called). Had to return it because it was just too small. Seiko makes great watches but I wish the faces were larger on some of them. 40mm is a minimum for me.