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Seiko "Baby Tuna" SRP Watch

Seiko "Baby Tuna" SRP Watch

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Anyone know if this will come up again? Seems kind of rare now, prices are high everywhere!
Got this drop finally!
Only 11 left. Jump on it....Over 3 bills on Amazon TODAY!

A very sweet piece!!!!
I want to but with two monsters, a combat sub, etc... I just can't
ALSO, to those who are pointing to 'better' deals... i would MUCH rather give my money to a cool community like Massdrop than to a soulless entity like Amazon, especially when they are the same price.
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The community may be cool, but your money goes to the company, which is just another Silicon Valley venture-funded startup, with the same rotating cast of serial entrepreneurs and San Francisco politically correct (except for age discrimination) employees as any other of these internet retailers. Brooklyn-based, hardscrabble Jomashop would probably have a more genuinely diverse set of employees.
Sorry, but choosing your vendor/supplier based on diversity of their employees, is a poor business practice. I prefer to do it based on the quote/price/delivery options that they give me, and not based on how many white/black/latino/asian/native american employees they have.... It's just my two cents, based on the last 11 years in corporate IT procurement...
arrrrgh! just bought one of these last week on the net... this is an amazing watch for the money, and the perfect size (exact same size as my Seiko SBBN033 Marine Master, which is the 'real' tuna). i put a brownish-gold nato from (they are the best) with gold hardware is i think it looks really good. the movement is a definite step up from the Seiko SKX line of divers, as it has hand winding with hacking. seriously, i was shocked with the quality of this watch for the price. this is among the cheapest of my seiko divers, and it doesnt look or feel like it. it is WELL WORTH the price here.

by the way, this is more of a 'shrouded monster' than a 'baby tuna'...
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Oh god I'm stupid. I saw this on my feed but didn't know it was posted under a group buy hahaha NEVERMIND!
The SRP641. Same as in this drop.
Looks like it's the SRP 641
Hoping to see the stainless bezel Monster MD. A great looking watch.
I just bought my first Monster, the SRP311J1. These are really nice watches!
You can't go wrong with a "Sumo" or "Turtle" or a "Monster". SEIKO is killing it!!!

I have a SRP309J, and it's my favorite watch!
Yeah- The Orange Monster is a great looking watch! Will add one to my collection in time...
It is actually a 24 jewel movement, the 21 is a typo.
How does it have 21 jewel movement AND 24 jewel movement? 0.0
how exactly is a 47.5mm watch called "baby"? Seems more like "Tuna Can" to me.
Well, $240 on creationwatches plus much faster shipping. Good watch but mediocre color option, and definitely non-bargain price.
More colors please
Now that this drop is over, and all of us who wanted something other than a black PVD version get to hit "Request" again, I have an idea for Massdrop. Perhaps for the next drop, you set up a poll with desired materials / colors for us to all vote on?
What exact model is this, does anyone know off hand?
This is a cross between a Seiko Monster and Tuna. Great watch overall but it lacks the aesthetics of the Monster and it's not a Tuna...... so if you like both and want a "crossover" buy this.
You can't do much wrong with a Seiko Tuna. Price is nice!
the Seiko SRP583K1 is really similar to this piece! Do consider
I've had the silver-shroud, black-bezel, yellow accents version (SRP639) for the better part of a year. Really great watch. Wears a little bit smaller than its dimensions suggest because the lugs are so short (this is a good thing).
Also, important to know for folks who like to change straps a lot - these don't use standard spring bars. You'll need the seiko fatty bars. Easy to come by so not a problem, but a good FYI before purchase.
Not a fan of this baby tuna, I was hoping for the stainless steel version.
I've been waiting for this one too.
Sneaky MD
Who sells a watch without putting model number?????
i know what model it is, but come on AssDrop
cw selling at 240, come on.
Hardlex crystal - thats a no go for me
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All good! I've done a little repair and have cheap tools (mistake btw)but have never replaced a crystal.
I picked up Maratac auto w/ domed sapphire years ago and wore that thing every day for two years! The stainless case was scratched as f*ck and I wore out the band, but with some breath and a swipe on the t-shirt and the crystal looks like the day I got it. That's my anecdotal moment when I swore off mineral glass for better or worse.
We're all taking time here because we love wearing (and collecting?) watches. I have Hardlex issues and likely overreacted. Peace.
Hahha, yeah, for scratch resistance you cannot beat Sapphire.. no arguments from me there!
it's not really a 'baby tuna' - more like a shrouded monster... still, just an OK price as the current retail K1 version includes a stainless bracelet w/diver's clasp for US$30 more... i do like the 4R36 though, and i wouldn't worry about wear on the black bezel.. my SRP315 gets a beating every day, and the wear on its black bezel only seems to enhance its look (IMHO)
Good morning, Whoever is doing the photography for watches, could you do us a favor? Please, don't take pictures of watches resting on the crown or any pushers. It damages the watch! Thanks
It's a screw-down crown, and it's under a lot more pressure at 200m than simply lying on its side. If resting it that way causes damage, then Seiko really needs to know they have a problem!
Please bring back the Baby Tuna we all requested - the all steel version.
Definitely. I got all excited for this drop and then followed the link to some...garish thing.
All steel is the only true baby tuna :(